Ideas to make it more fun

Theres little to fight for, complete a mission, then hope for a better weapon… yay…
what bout having your own quarters around level 25. you can stock scriptures and grimoires, weapons and armour, so forth.
another idea, like Necronmunda, Around level 20, can start installing augmentations to your body, eyes, brain, arms, legs, so forth, increase accuracy, quicker meelee, higher toughness, higher corruption defence. so forth.
maybe get to explore area’s of the ship and tertium for archeotech or missing items. being able to keep some,
character improvement and development.
each type of character gets their own tree and room and stuff. like psyker can visit psykarnium or such, sharpshooter can alter weapons, ogryn can eat more food to be stronger, preacher preaches for corruption buff for group.

bringing back dodge dance will be more fun than anything else