Idea for Wrack and Ruin

What if instead when you brain burst an enemy youve set on fire with your soulfire, the target explodes and spreads 4 stacks of soulfire to nearby enemies?

Your suggested change would come with the problem that you would have to ignite that enemy in the first place (usually from long range, which you could currently do with this feat).
It would also make the feat work somewhat similar to wildfire.

I think the problem with this feat is, that it only triggers when hitting Elites/Specials with BB.

The feat already does not only apply the SB stacks to surrounding enemies, but also to the BB target itself.
Because of that, it allows BB to hit certain breakpoints on elites and specials (although the target will die with some delay due to the nature of the DoT), which would otherwise require Warp Unleashed or Warp Battery.

However, the feat in its current state is of limited use, because it only triggers on Elites/Specials.

I think the Wrack and Ruin feat could be “fixed” by triggering on hitting ANY enemy with BB.
It currently only triggers on specials and elites, but not on monstrosities and trashmobs.

@FatsharkCatfish Can we get this?

If the feat triggered on ANY enemy hit with BB, this would allow to

  • soften up hordes from range (especially in combination with wildfire)
  • clean up shooters much faster (kill 2 guys with BB → nearby enemies die to fire)
  • deal increased DPS to monstrosities, when spamming BB at them
  • assist with trash clear, while focusing an assassination boss with BB
  • deal additional horde damage when using Kinetic Flayer (which could help Surge Staff users)

This change would also make Wildfire massively more useful (especially once it gets fixed; i assume it is still bugged).
Aside from the obvious synergy of this buffed Wrack and Ruin with Wildfire (hit the same area with 2 BB and watch the SB spread), the new synergy would extend to a synergy triple with Ascendant Blaze.

Picking Wildfire means, that you can not pick Warp Battery (which would allow up to 6 warp charges).
This in turn means that you can only use Ascendant Blaze to apply a max of 4 SB stacks, which is not enough to kill trash mobs on Damnation.

However, if you combine Ascendant Blaze to apply 4 SB stacks to a horde, and hit a trash minion with BB, the 4 additional SB stacks from Wrack and Ruin will now quickly kill a few guys.
Some of the SB stacks from these guys can now spread via Wildfire, combining with the 4 stacks from Ascendant Blaze (and refreshing their duration) to kill additional enemies, which can then further spread SB stacks via Wildfire.

More Wildfire spread, if you keep Brainbursting the burning horde.
You could decide if you want to spread high stacks from one smaller area, or if you want to spread medium stacks from many locations.

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