Idea - Five incompleted weaves available instead of one

I want to start from that I love weaves a lot, gameplay is awesome. But finding people to play with - is kinda hard. Thinking of solutions to that I’ve made the idea of expanding weaves available to play and make matchmaking work around it.

What does it mean? At the very start player can select any of 1-5 weaves. Once he beats any of these, 6th weave unlocks and it keeps going. Player can skip some hard levels, but will still get stuck when it’ll get too hard.

For example, like some guy called j_sackrat completed all first 40 weaves except 23 and 31. So when he clicks “find a match”, system will find match with one of 23, 31, 41, 42, 43 weave, greatly decreasing search time. He will queue into any of these groups that trying to complete any of these weaves.

One more little thing, UI should have an option to “queue as any character” and matchmaking may find lobby with your character already taken, so you swap to other, if you want, or keep searching.

And all of that still allows player to play any specific weave, like he can right now.


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