I want to rebuild Krubers sword

Hey ,
I Just Fell in love with Krubers executioner sword, in this skin.
I want to rebuild it.
My Problem is… i never did anything Cosplay or crafty like.
But i will make this at all it cost!

So guys please Tell me, what size do u think IT have ?
Any Tipps to start?
I thought about trying foam First. Thats why i need to know how long it is or general more Details then Just looking at it ingame.
Iam Happy for any help, inspiration or Infos.

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It’s based on real swords

So probably about the same size

Judging by the size of the man himself, I think the sword is a bit scaled up to comedy size. like a lot of other weapons in the game. I’d wager its well over a meter long. 1.2m maybe?
Foam is a good choice, but you’ll have to include something for rigidity - maybe a plank of balsa wood or carbon fiber like the model plane builders do - so the sword doesn’t flap around. The meyal imitation can be done with aluminium foil.
If you want it to glow too, it’ll be a bit more work, so I’d suggest you leave it for v. 2.

P.S. look up old Adam Savage videos on youtube - he is a master prop builder and over the years he shared a lot of neat tricks he uses to make stuff look real, battered, rusty etc.
Good luck!

wich makes total sense as he uses it combat, wich it isn’t designed to do, totally warrants a longer reach.
If we assume it has a distal taper as well, like other swords made for combat the length is well within the realm of being usable

the bigger question should be, why would anyone choose that over a conventional blade

Street cred ofc :slight_smile: