I upgrade GPU drivers and bam! game won´t start

I have the impression this is useless after all I´ve read already but here I go.
I have 900+ hours logged on this game. I play every day. Everything always fine.
Yesterday I upgrade my drivers.
Frigging anti-cheat message says there is a problem with nvd3dumx.dll
For what I´ve been googling I´m effed since all the solutions proposed haven´t worked for me
This is absurd. Patches should be to upgrade things no to make them stop working
Any idea?

I believe we’ve already spoken on the Steam discussions? In which case the crash log indicates the drivers are corrupted.

Did you try rolling back to an older driver version? Ultimately that may be the only instant solution here, until Nvidia release a newer driver.

It´s accomplished!

Apparently, I had to download some extra drivers manually for Win 7, the SHA -2 for some new security algorythms or God knows what the hick.

Anyway, I´m happy to be playing again, if someone bumps in the same problem, check this:


Download what It says and Its done, I just wished they warned about this on the updating Itself.

Btw It´s not fatshark fault, Its Nvdia´s and their lazy ways. Thanks for your quick response.

You should have gotten those Updates early 2019 automatically…
Those should have been required for solving your problem:
KB4490628 (for receiving the updates using the new SHA-2 algorithm)
And KB4474419 (current update for SHA-2 support)
The driver was simply using this new code signing algorithm SHA-2, which your Windows 7 didn’t yet fully support.

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