I think shields should be an additional skill that can be used with any weapon

I think shields should be an additional skill that can be used with any weapon
Players can use any one handed melee or ranged weapon while raising their shield

Just like in alien fireteam elite


I’d like to see that extended to any 1H ranged weapon be paired with any 1H melee weapon. You know, the iconic weapon combinations the Warhammer 40k is known for.


Actually in lore we can see the Big Boys carrying their Slab Shield with a multitude of weapons, such as the Bullgryn who carry Slabshield and a Grenade Launcher.

It’s not in the game for technical reasons, I’m sure.


I suspect its an issue of how to manage two sets of weapon’s special attacks. But i think most people would be willing to give up something to dual wield. Plus multi-press options could allieviate this. Like holding special while blocking/rmb could do something different than just special or hold special.

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While yes, this fall under the same though that Dual wielding weapons:

Weapon attack pattern use both weapon/ the shield when they are present, as it can already be seen on the Slab shield and in VT.

So while yes they should make new weapon kits like the Slab shield for other weapons (Knife, Shovel, Switching the current one to use a Club model, Power Maul…) they each should be treated/developed as their own weapon and have their own variants (And not treated like how Skyrim does).

The reload animation would need to be severely adapted for sure.

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