I’m really sad to see this

You failed FatShark…
I’m really sad to see this but you seriously failed…
This game is NOT a full released game NOT even an early access… This is like a public open beta…
Game’s current status are really frustrating and I don’t want to talk about issues because they are ENDLESS and game breaking…
I really wish this game released at least 1 year later without issues…
I hope this game can survive…

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Your post is utterly useless and unhelpful. Instead of complaining, try posting actual things you would like to see improved. Then MAYBE a Dev would care what you have to say.



If a developer doesn’t know his game’s problems then there is no point to being a developer…
(I mean game breaking bugs…)
Everybody knows the problems and I really tired to talk about them…

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Coding a game is insanely difficult. Posting useless threads is easy. You’re amazing at one. Can you guess which it is?


I prefer the game in it’s current state which is 100% playable without any gamebreaking bugs right now over having to wait another year.
No game has ever been released bugfree.

Stop feeding the troll.

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Are you pretty sure that we are playing the same game?..

The game is completely playable right now with some minor bugs here and there.

But, here is a simple solution for your woes OP. If it makes you feel better, imagine that it says “beta” in the title of the game. Then, in 2019, imagine that the “beta” in the title is removed. By then, most bugs that you are complaining about would have been fixed.


Topic name is clickbait, come on, man!

I actually fell the same, and in my mental space game still is in beta. And latest revelations support this claim. Can’t agree with “FS you messed up!” part though. I would love it for game to be month or two more in development before release. But thigs are working out. It’s not a big AAA title, and devs are constantly working on it, so maybe this rare state is the way to go, considering all external factors? Things are working out, maybe it could have been better, but current state is pretty far from “bad”.

The game is playable some minor bygs here there lol

“minor bugs” gotta be the silliest euphemism. i’ll just mention two (of dozens) of bugs that are nearly gamebreaking: both the Slayer and Ironbreaker have their active skills bugged. 2 out of 3 dwarf classes have their signature move broken and you say “minor” bugs? If you don’t have enough game time or isn’t aware of the tons of bugs, either refrain from relaying opinions or state how unexperienced you are.

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Just played a couple of hours. One mission had a “escape through portal” objective triggered halfway the mission, preventing and breaking the game progression. On another mission, a griefing player kept gettind kicked a rejoining the session, which is only possible due this ridiculous and amateurish oversight by the devs. Of course, the mission failed. Cases like this litter both FS and Steam boards. If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid the several issues, eventually, you will experience it and join the bitter mob, like i did.

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