I cleared Cataclysm Fortunes Of War!

Oenkrad(spelling) from here and my friend mcdudeguy beat it last night too. Sadly I missed the group.

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Gratz man. I wish I could try this without wasting 20 bucks :stuck_out_tongue:

(or if you think that’s harsh: without waiting for all my team to)

I was going to jokingly suggest you could beat FoW and then refund… :slight_smile:
… but the refund window probably isn’t even long enough to unlock Cata so you can try it in the first place.

I plan to buy it eventually, even if there are many things I strongly disapprove.
But first they need to fix the beastmen spam as it is immersion breaking for me (outside dark omens) and then the price should drop to reasonable levels (50%) unless they add something really cool like 3 new maps