I can't get in touch with my friends

I can’t get in touch with my friends
I cannot enter the same room as a specific friend of mine
But I can play games with other unfamiliar players,
I was kicked out of the game as soon as my friend entered the room
And the status is untrusted Unknown file version (bundle\4739956327c80e40.patch_001)
And it shows "As long as it is deemed untrustworthy by the anti-cheat system, you will not be able to save the game progress and can only play the game with other untrustworthy players.

But my friend and I didn’t use any cheats at all and we were able to connect with unknown players separately.
But as long as you enter a friend’s game room, the game will crash, and the bug report will pop up after closing.

Want to ask if there are similar situations and solutions?

Hi @dannis,

We can try replacing the untrusted bundle file - I’ve sent you a message.

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