Bug or glitch that basicly made the game think I'm a cheater

So, this game is realy REALY good, fun gameplay, replayability, interesting caracters and… I had a friend to play with! Great! And one day, I tried to play with him. I started the game, wanted to play with my friend and some other people and here what the game said to me : “You’re not authorise to be connected. Or the other instance is considerate suspect by the anti-cheat system” Who basicly mean that eather I or my friend is cheating. He can play with randoms but I can’t. He’s allowed to use his forge but I Don’t and whenever I try to get a price from Okri… The game shut down. I’m speaking to maybe the dev team or someone who could do Something because it is a game that I love and to think that the game spotted me as a cheater is stupid. I will sincerly owned you a beer or Something… The point is : please help me, it is ruining the game for me and I Don’t know why.

This would be better asked in the technical support forum.

I’ve no idea what could cause the kinds of issues your experiencing, Once you’ve started this thread over there I’d start by verifying your game files, I’d follow up by checking to see that you are not playing on the modded realm.

Yep, Technical Support would be the better section for this, I think.

But not being able to craft or claim Okri’s prizes makes me suspect you might accidentally have launched into the Modded Realm. Check the launcher; near the lower left corner is a choice box of Official and Modded Realm. You want Official to be chosen, as modded, is for, well, heavily modded content, a lot of which would be considered cheating in the Official side (and any sensible multiplayer game, really). That’s also why opening chests, crafting stuff and all other progression is disabled there.

I did verifie my game files. They are all fine (as much as I know) And I wasn’t in a modded realm.

Strongly suggest you follow up with a technical support request then, there are probably a couple of logs you can gather to help them figure out what is going on.

I’ve no further useful ideas really.

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