Can't Join Any Games Due to Anti-Cheat?

Issue Summary:

I have never cheated at this game. I don’t even know how to if I wanted to. And yet, all of a sudden, quite literally out of nowhere, I cannot connect to any games because the anti-cheat system claims I am untrusted. I have no idea what is causing this or how to fix it; I have verified the integrity of my game files (no error reported), and my friends cannot connect to my game, or vice versa.

edit: I attempted to play a game on my own, figuring that I might have to play a clean game to prove that I’m not cheating (dumb thought I know) and I received no experience or reward for mission completion. It was Fort Bracksenbrucke on Champion difficulty.

last edit: I fixed the problem. Fun fact, accidentally loading into the modded server and trying to join friends on the official server leads to the anti-cheat activation. remember to check the server kids!

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If you are on PC, go to the task manager and see if your game CPU usage stales on 0% after anti cheat starts.

If yes then right click and end task of it, anti cheat, and steam bootstrap.
give it a 30 sec and restart the game.

I had this issue and still sometimes it happens, so I do the followings. Sometimes there are 2 anti cheats running at the same time!!!

Good luck.

I am currently trying a reinstallation of the game. If the problem still persists, I’ll definitely try that next.

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