I can't even launch the game. please help

I downloaded the game, and on my first time playing i got “backend rejected challenge response” without touching any launch settings and ofc on official server. I tried modded server, and for some reason it worked perfectly fine even thought ive never installed any mods and i also tried unubscribing from the countries in lobby broswer. but ofc being a level 1 i cant really play the game.

I’ve tried the following to fix:

1.)Verify integrity game files like 3 times
2.)Repaired anticheat like 10 times, and did the little “deselect load startup items” thing in msconfig and restarted
3.)Made sure game is approved on firewall

NOTE: at some point in my trial and error process of trying to fix, whenever i launch the game a popup saying “you have a steam_appid.txt file in your launcher folder that can interfere with the correct working of this game. Click OK to remove it”.

after that a steam popup saying: "Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is attempting to launch with the optional parameters shown below; “–bundle-dir …\bundle”. This would loop until steam says an error occurred while running verm and then bleh. Cant even get to launcher

4.)Finally, i uninstalled and reinstalled and after waiting a long a very long time. The same popups from the above are showing. Once again i tried anticheat repair, verify files, etc. and nothing. Im at a complete loss now and i really want to play the game. help.

Could you share your Steam profile URL with me, please?

Thank you. I can’t see any errors in the backend, which is annoying, but does confirm my suspicion in that this is solely related to Easy Anti-Cheat.

On the 24th we rolled back a problematic Easy Anti-Cheat update - have you attempted logging in since?

Yep, still the same error. Also just tried repairing anticheat again and still nothing.

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