I Absolutely Hate Rampart

I’ll be brief since this just happened and I’m still mad. Rampart is bad and not just because it’s difficult, it’s bad because it makes the game less fun. It’s not an exaggeration to say that half the mechanics of the entire game (not to mention like a third of the careers) suddenly become completely useless when the monster has Rampart. Gun with double shot, potion of endless bombs, Kerillian with triple thorn smash, all suddenly worthless. I feel like I have to play as Grail Knight or Shade because every other means of dealing with monsters has a pretty decent chance to just be yanked away from me. That’s not fun.

Suggestions for making it fun:

  1. Make it not include damage from bombs. Bombs are still a highly limited resource, much more than ranged weapons. Letting bombs still work would at least let players spend a valuable item which would go a long way to mitigate the lack of control.

  2. Have Rampart reduce ranged damage by 75% or 50% or something instead of outright immunity. Careers without much ammunition to spend would be forced to rely on melee to do decent damage but careers like Ranger, Engineer, Battle Wizard, Bounty Hunter, Waystalker, and Huntsman who specialize primarily in ranged damage would still be able to contribute, just not as much.

  3. Limits on how many monsters per Expedition can spawn with Rampart. One Rampart monster in a full run is really annoying, especially if it’s in the final area, but three in a row is just offensive. I was carrying around that potion of endless bombs for like three whole maps and literally every grudge monster I ran into was immune to it.

  4. Other grudge mark attributes that discourage ranged attacks that could replace Rampart’s flat immunity with more interesting spins on how players engage a monster, such as:
    -Spiteful: Monster returns a small portion of ranged damage dealt to it.
    -Reclusive: Monster gains high damage reduction to all attacks for 3 seconds if hit by ranged damage. (This one would be my pick for a straight replacement for Rampart)
    -Furious: Monster becomes enraged and gains speed and damage for 6 seconds if hit by ranged damage.
    -Volcanic: Monster periodically launches long ranged fire balls at all players further than 5 meters away.
    -Viral: Monster’s presence slowly applies Curse to all players, reducing maximum health by up to 75%. This curse is reduced for a given player when that player strikes the monster in melee (and removed for all players when the monster dies of course).
    -Hive: Monster releases swarms of flies (like Halescourge and Nurgloth do) that prioritize players who are further away.
    -Boiling: Monster’s damage increases over time whenever it isn’t attacking.
    -Shrouded: Monster causes the world to grow dark and foggy while it is alive.


The reason why rampart is bad design is that it doesn not allow any kind of preparation or change of tactics to provide a remedy for not being able to provide ranged damage against a boss, it’s only “woosh you useless now lol”.

Simple suggestion: Rampart makes monster immune to ranged damage, but monster takes 100% more melee damage.

Use fire bombs, dot from them still works.
Otherwise git gut seriously its not that bad, its just oh no crutch overpowered ranged damage that delete monster in less than 30 s is not an option and suddenly monster is actually danger worth considering


You’re not supposed to be the only player in the team anyway in this game. You cannot expect a kettle to brew you coffee.

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Look, even if this were valid input ( which it’s not. ‘Git gud’ is literally the most dismissive non-answer possible )

It STILL halves your teams usefulness. It’s not fun for anyone involved. which is the point

The point is NOT " it’s too hard "

The point is " It’s SO boring it’s painful "


Duuuude. That list of ideas is actually super fun.

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It’d be better just as -50% ranged damage. Or, if you want to specifically nerf the OP ranged abilities harder, have it hard-cap the amount of DPS the monster can take from ranged every 10s at 5% of monster HP.

If Rampart was literally the only mod that could happen it’d be fine (literally git gud if you can’t melee every monster solo by legend difficulty), but when it can appear with other mods it gets broken. Ranged characters that don’t have +% dodge weapons can’t do much when facing a rampart/illusionist/shield shatter or similar. And then you’re in a +Horde map with poison exploding enemies or blood tornadoes or w/e.

Immunities aren’t the best idea. The goal should be to make the monster more of an issue, not a brick wall. I’ve advocated for auras just like this, but I think that immunities need to be carefully considered and just steep resistances (perhaps with damage caps) should be done instead.

Admittedly, my ideas have always been for just elites getting these ideas, and a Stormvermin or Chaos Warrior making itself or a couple minor enemies near it immune to ranged would not be nearly as bad (if it was occasional).

here the problem is that fire bombs are not infinite and even if you have infinite bombs they are always synectic that are useless and you cannot deal with the horde because the game likes to spam or berserkers or monks or assassins and if you can all at the same time and the monster is still there

Yeah some great ideas for a second wave of grudges (the chaos wastes are ever changing). Rampart is indeed not fun, but a trade off in increasing melee damage would just bolster SoTT/Shade/GK even more than their recent limelight in this mode (as if some of the best careers already go underused). Just a bad mark the whole way through, even if boss cheese is terrible. Doesn’t stop beam wizard or thorn cheese anyway and Prophetic Strike potion lasts longer than strength.

That is a point that needs to be pronounced more: since dot still applies, it doesn’t really hamper the already strongest ranged dps, since those rely on dot, not on direct damage.

Rampart on a single monster is fine, and changes the dynamic of the whole encounter which is a good thing. I happen to think it forces people out of their usual meta of “F = Ded boss” and those people have a hard time fighting bosses like usual. Shield players are used to fighting bosses for ages and dodging/thumping away at it until it dies. If there ever is a nerf to Moonfire/Sott/Javelin then you can expect far more of this kind of thread from players who are used to just pressing F, dodging a bit, winning.

Rampart coupled with illusionist however is rubbish, But then again Crippling +Illusionist with Stromfiend is horrid.

As someone who doesn’t play Sott/BH/GK/Shade, I really enjoy rampart turning up as it makes the fight a battle of attrition and sorts out the fighters from the Fighters.Keep rampart as it is > I love it.


IMHO Rampart is just not fun to play against.
I experienced this grudge mark fully while farming white skins and especially as Engineer Outcast. For some reason all monster I got had Rampant on them. And I wasn’t busy with horde&special duty, my gameplay could be described as slapping a troll’s booty with hammer for 5 minutes (x5). This is not something I want to do again.
And it solves nothing in terms of nuking monsters, Grail Knight and Shade’s ults aren’t affected by it.
Sure, as a ranged career one can do other things like keeping battlefield clear of smaller enemies. But what if it’s done? What’s left for you to do?
I think, the biggest offend is that Rampart limits diversity of gameplay. You can’t shoot monster with guns, only poke it with pointy sticks. Meh.

I say, Rampart should be changed from ranged immunity to something like “A single attack can’t take more than X% of its health” (I think, reasonable value is 5%, but that’s just my opinion). What problems does it solve?
Monster still can be killed by melee characters - ✓.
Mosnter still can be killed by DoT - ✓.
Monster can be shot down - ✓.
Monster can’t be nuked anymore - ✓.
Prombem solved, case closed. Thank you for attention.

Clapping cheeks.

I’d rather slap some decent monster boing-boings. IF THEY HAD ANY.

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