Hyperdense issue is WAY too apparent now! (feedback and bug rep)

When having that clan rat capable of climbing inside a player and killing them from within was an occasional neussance, the problem with beastmen and now even stormies clipping in and out of one another and having zero physical presence until it comes to knocking you off something is making - especially Cata, a mess! This pic is from a game just… Dark Omens cata… Inside me is a gunner, 2 hookrats, some storm vermin and sod knows how many clan rats, nicely building a ball of ‘your playing doesn’t matter anymore’. This seems to me, after gaming with many folks with different pings etc… is the biggest issue this release faces. Folks grind that 35 and get used to the dodge/stagger thing yeah, but with this "here have 3 bestogors all inside one another and YOU’ stuff , it’s beyond Ranald’s joke lol.
Cata is fun… until you have so many beastmen clipping through you and everything because they can’t fit into the map.
The stagger system is good, but it needs to have domino effect too- not force lines to clip through the back lot triggering their animation. Is this issue being addressed?
https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/178433129931866112/610520079175647235/20190812165911_1.jpg?width=977&height=550 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/178433129931866112/610520079175647235/20190812165911_1.jpg?width=977&height=550

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