Huntsman weapon swap speed for longbow (panic block)


if you use the longbow and shot, then it takes considerable more time to switch to your melee weapon compaired to other ranged weapons/characters->careers.
with every other ranged setup you can just disengage, swap to your ranged and shot at a special and go back to melee to block the coming swings.
it is seldom possible with huntsman+longbow.
whenever any mob finds it’s way to you to engage melee, you cannot shot at a special without taking dmg.
even if you bash, dodge away, switch to ranged, shot the special, swap right back to melee and hold block… you just dont get up the block fast enough. i also tried with different melee weapons and maximum possible attackspeed -> ergo faster block animation afaik.

i understand ranged careers to be special handlers. i enjoy huntsman with longbow in general, but apart from any other ranged career and ranged weapon, i am not able to fullfill that role properly, if any mob makes his way to me.

so i would like you to revisit the swap speed for the huntsman longbow and consider to improve the time needed to “panic block”.

thx for reading.


100% agree… I think this is a bug, and it should be fixed!

The word on the streets been that this is intentional to prevent weaponswitch “machine gun” abuse, that overvise would allow you to shoot faster. But, as it stands now, this fix is also preventing most players from playing huntsman with longbow on legend. Real pity, if you ask me.

The devs could just delay the time it takes to switch from melee to ranged after the shot, so you can’t switch back to ranged that fast. ez pz solution. Should work for every weapon.

I have found myself pressing Q and right-click to panic block/parry and finding myself still stuck on the Longbow.

Instead of blocking the bow just zooms in.

I end up thinking I’m melee attacking but in fact wasting arrows while taking hits.

Doesn’t seem to happen with any other chars/weapons.

This was like this week. I thought they had fixed the weapon switch.

That’s because of charge attack slow down. The explanation of this feature is rather big, though I have it in another post. If you’re really interested, I can post it here.

I mean, I agree it could be better, but I don’t agree that its unplayable, I don’t seem to have any issues swapping back in time to block but yeah it is much slower than other weapons, a change would be nice.

Why this happens is because you cannot put away the bow until you notch a new arrow, which is stupid because to put away a bow you would have to put away the arrow as well. It just happens that the longbow has one of the slower reloads in the game so it’s really noticeable when he takes 2 years to put it away. Just remove the part where you have to reload the bow to holster it and it’s fine.

Frustrating seeing another patch, but this is still in the game.
Adding that enemies hitting you seems to reset the timer/animation before you can switch usually causing you to fire again.
Just really awkward going from other careers back to huntsman and wondering why you’re taking hits so often in comparison.

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You’re absolutely right. Attacks do interrupt weapon switching and huntsman longbow delays it even further, because you lose control over character for a second after a charged attack.

I agree… still bugged :frowning:; and also with handgun.

This bow really needs some love. It’s the only ranged weapon in the game that doesn’t allow you to switch and block, it’s the only weapon that only gives you a 1-second window to fire before it becomes completely inaccurate, and with the changes to crossbow, it is now completely weakjuice compared to other ranged weapons/ranged classes. As HS you have to desperately chase perfect rolls to max Power VS and even then you -have to- get headshots.

Meanwhile, charged Xbow kills rothelms on bodyshot…


Dude, you’ve made the same unrelated post in 2 topics already. If you think that’s so important, just make a separate topic.

there are several weapons that have a delay on swapping and blocking. i also don’t understand how stacking power and one shotting something with body shots is a negative considering some characters and weapons would kill for that.

I would love a comprehensive list of all these ranged weapons that have a delay that stops you from switching and blocking. Because they don’t exist, so I’d love to see what you come up with. Perhaps the ,1 second delay after firing a handgun?

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