Huntsman kruber ultimate

I missing something or he doesnt disappear at all when i use the ultimate? I have some kind of damage buff when it is active?

You get a short stealth and ranged damage buff during the ult. Dealing damage put you out of the stealth

the stealth part doesn’t seem to work half the time, i’ll have enemies continue to hit and track me :frowning:

Same goes from all stealth abilities sadly :frowning:

Hilarious how the ultimate and other abilities still dont have proper text explaining what they do, or showing the stats of a character.

description is a bit misleading. enemies that already target you will continue but no new targets will target you.

Yeah but sometimes an enemy that was about to attack me will turn its attention elsewhere and sometimes it wont, is it misleading or is it just broken?? honestly it’s just really hard to say with this game. lol

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