Hunting Grounds Condition (Poxhound Jank)

The condition is a cool concept, however it is made very frustrating by how the poxhound works in game.

Poxhounds frequently turn on a dime, 180’ing and zigzagging in ways that are completely unpredictable, which feels very bad to play against as an experienced player. Even the Poxhound leaps can feel like a coinflip if you dodge them or not, which makes them very frustrating to deal with. Luckily they are not frequent normally, so this irritation is minor.

However, the Hunting Grounds condition brings this kind of janky enemy into the spotlight, making it very iffy to play against. I am sure the community at large would love to have the same conceptual special condition with any other special enemy (except maybe Mutant!), but unless/until the Poxhound is fixed to be more reliable and “read-able” as an enemy, this special condition contributes negatively to the game experience in a match rather than positively.


This mode is single-handedly, the worse special condition to play. It would be better if their health was reduced to 50% so it is easier to deal with on top of their animations being fixed. But these enemies are a pain in the ass to deal with.

I’d rather have mutants vs these toxic mutts as the mutants are more predictable to counter vs the hounds.

Dog in my games have skateboards too! I’ve seen a 360 pounce and a wall-ride 180-pounce that I gave solid 10/10’s

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So what you’re saying is not only are they buggy as hell, but they’ve also been under the tutelage of none other than Tony Hawk himself?!


Getting to see Poxhounds fly through the roof and then teleport to a player 5 or 6 times a match is entertaining I guess

Yes the legendary Hawks Hounds are here!

they seem to be trying to sabotage themselves. they left the worst condition they could come up with in for days going on a week now and on top of that spyker feels too gross to play.

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Either fatshark is full of complete morons who would be so stupid as to turn every single spotlight onto one of their worst performing monsters…

Or, they’re using it as a sly way to datamine performance on them to determine why they’re so ridiculously awful.

Sadly, I doubt it’s the latter.

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