How to FPS fix here! *antialiasing is killing fps in this game*

the 3 people i know RL playing this game have pretty decent computers with parts that are all only a few years old, upper mid range parts when purchased, which means they are still midrange or a little better.

The only thing that made this game stop lagging was effectively turning off most of the antialiasing in the game, which i sort of did by accident trying to adjust the AA settings in the config document. not sure what exactly is occuring in my graphics settings, but it appears antialiasing on the world is mostly turned off, and the game is finally running just about perfectly.

for anyone wanting to boost your FPS immediately to be smooth as butter all the time, open your config document and in your config document C:\Users(username)\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Darktide (unset it from read only in properties, edit, then reset before starting game)

you will see 2/3’s the way down the document sun_shadows.
under this is taa_enabled = true
replace true with false.

now you have a game that runs smooth af. only downside is you have some white lines frrom lack of AA on the world, but not on characters. And you wont notice it at all when you are having fun, so try it out if you are having any lag or drops in fps. definitely worth for the high quality gameplay and fps boost.

developers need a much much much more robust selection of antialiasing choices so players can optimize the look and fps of the game for them. Even give players the ability to chose multiple types of antialiasing, all the available antialiasing methods should be listed with a choice to turn them on or off in the game settings.

you should not be forcing users to even chose between let’s say, multi sample and fxaa and supersampling, they should be able to chose fxaa and multi if that produces the best fps and look for them.

anyone who uses this, plz drop a comment and let me know what you think about the fps fix i found!! =)

also, not so sure about some of the choices in graphical settings that the developers are leaving out of the ingame settings. such as dxr or any form of direct ray tracing. if you don’t have an RTX card or similar card with the processors to handle the process efficiently, it’s literally pointless. dxr (intel version of drt) is not efficient at all, maybe if you have a really modern powerful processor it’s fine, but I am pretty sure it probably isn’t. i got fps boost disabling it in config. my friend has a better processor and gpu than me, and his cpu was running at 100% and giving him lag. I wouldn’t be surprised if dxr is not worth running in most cases, at least with this game.

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