How psyker can be done

I really hate the current way they currently do and probable will continue doing the psychic powers is utterly crap compared to what a true psyker should be able to wield.
What I propose is 3-5 slots of psychic powers we can cast each power has a cool down casting a power reset the other powers cool down by a 1/3 of their cool-down since spamming some of them isn’t the way to win a fight and the tactical use of them should be thought out.

the rest:

Not this one blitz power or those tied to the staffs while i get the staffs being copied and pasted from v2. it is a shame from the wealth of material they had access to implement it into games. the basic ass psyker that is allowed to be even into the guard. those being sanction can cast Smite along with knowing 2 psychic powers, while we have our staff and brain burst. I don’t really see how much more bare basic and unimaginative we could be. While I understand that we are getting a rework with RPG elements, it still likely we are going to be issued out with a single Psychic power not the vast array which a typical psyker has access too based on there training and will to use.

Here is a semi extensive list drawn from a large amount of the Roleplay games and the codex’s.

While yes I have far too much time on my hands thanks to noticing it.

I have selected due to the number of books and powers a smattering from them I have written there in RPG effect then within each set of () I have put the game effect into darktide. This is in my view ofc. Wondering what your view is on the matter have they got the way to do psyker right or does it need an expansion?

from the 8th edition codex: Emperor’s gaze,
Psychic maelstrom: lesser version of Vortex of Doom.
Emepror’s gaze: Line of Sight deals damage within that line, you can use this as a power, but would rather have it from a navigator.
Nightshroud: cast a carpt of yourself anyone within it has benefit of incoming fire is less accurate when aiming at them.

Darkhesery 1st edition
Bio-lighting: Smite; (we got this with the lighting staff)
Blood Boil: Kill a target by cooking him inside out; (a Different verision of brain brust maybe something that does more to weaken it target)
Hammer Hand: enhance the bodies natural weapons; (this we could do boosts to melee attack, following the Chaos gates version of this skill)
Regenerate/Seal wound: allowing regenerating mortal damage like loss of limb and minor wounds. (Regenerate heal or long-range revival)

Divine Shot: make incredible accurate shots, (boost range crit chance by 25 or 30%)
Precognitive Strike: increase melee & range skill; (boost melee damage)
precognitive dodge: increase range resistance: (shots fired at the target reduce in accuracy, or allowing you to dodge something like a Hound or charger while active for a limited time.)
Soul sight: allowing you see people souls and emotions; (allowing you to see enemy within in a radius).
Glimpse: allowing tip-bitz of the feature; ( lets say 5% if this is active random chance of not being targeted by an attack, attack happens but deals zero damage)

Blinding flash: Flash Bang!!! (zealots Stun grenade)
Douse Flames: exisnqusions flames and interfire with the fire from the weapons; (remove the red barrel flames and ground flames from Scrab Flamers, lets call it a Circle of 5 meters diameter allowing you to do it).

Fire bolt: name says it all; (we got it in the void strike staff but no after burn effect naturally expect from the blessing on crit).
Fire storm/Holocaust: Naplam from thin air [Firestorm], and into the warp [Holocaust]; (Conflagration from Death wing where it ignites everyone in an area of 12 meters dealing high amount of burn damage, this should be an ult skill or bitlz skill with extreme long cool down)

Incinerate : is basically physic meltagun beam basic attack;(with this power you creates the beam like appraction with your ahdns [imagine dragon ball z] and the beam attack from v2 comes out but deals alot more damage).
Sculpt flame: control flame and unleash flame; (we got this in the Purgatus).
wall of fire: exactly as it sounds (create a wall of fire that enemies run thorught they get the burning effect thrown onto them)

Catch projectiles: personal shield; (we have this with the sword blessing)
Fling: be a child throw things at people. (this doesn’t work as there isn’t anthing really to throw expect barrels).
Force barrage: creates a barrage of force bolts to target multiple enemies; ( the basic attack by charged and in mass)
Force bolts: the basic attack from the void strike staff and the
Precision telekinesis: fine control over objects, like press buttons, denote or hold denotation of grenades. (you could use this power to pick up objects or press activation buttons from a far and do thing like stop the detonation of the grenades from the bomber or redirect them atleast).
Psyhic blade: Force activation: (we have this when you activation of force strike).
Psyhic crush: 1. Hold target in your mind 2. Squeeze. (we have this it the brain burst)
Push: push down people sending them onto the ground; (we have this with the trauma staff heavy).
Telekintic Shield/Dome.: Catch projectiles but enlarge. (we saw this thorught the PC gaming article).

Projections: Send out holograms of yourself; (you could have this leaving after enemies that can take a few seconds of attention on dodge, can be triigred once every 7 secounds)
Psyhic shrike: Image a banshee that howls both in the martium and warp. (this power could be that of suppression and light damage 90 degree radius infron and you scream and people start cowering).
See me not: your invisible. (the vets camouflage, but has a time limit)
Insipre: immune from pinning and fear. (in the game we aren’t really effect by fear bt we are by pinning it clear suppression).
Dominate/Compel: take Control of takes body/mind and make them do things; (in game this can be shown by getting them to start attacking each other or fleeing with group for low enemies and a single target for elites and specialist).
Dark heresy 2nd edition/Roue Trader and Only war.
Enfeeble: Stuns a single enemy; (apply suppression to an area)
Endurance: heal multiple target wound; (look at regenerate for suggestion)
Iron-arm: increase inflicted strength and damage resistance; (increase melee damage and damage resistance by 15%)
Haemorrhage: same as Blood Boil.
Life leach: drain the life from the target; (target an enemy within 25 meters and drain there life force. Healing 10-25% of your own)
Warp seed: you ever seen star trek? This is what they want; (increase your movement speed, attack speed and reload speed, duration like 10 secounds)
Foreboding: see Precongative Dodge
Forewarning: tell your allies that attack is coming so they dodge. (apply Precongative doge to friendlies)
Misfortune: applies bad luck on target; (applies damage increase on enemies like reducing there armour or increasing the damage they take)
Prefect timing: see Divine shot
Warp perception: has mauch sharper senses. (see soul sight)
Cuaritise: seal and heals wounds; (check Regenerate/seal wounds)
Flaming breath: creates a flamethrower; ( our prugration staff)
Fiery Form: apply flame cloak on your self. (set your self none damaging fire. Enemies get burned by attacking you).
Fire shield. See catch projectiles and telekine dome but with fiery effect.
Inferno: set fire from thin air conflagration; (see firestorm & holocaust)
Molten Beam: meltagun but from the hnads; (see incinerate)
Sonaneous Combustion: ignites the blood of the enemy. (see boil blood)
Sunburst: release supernova from you to0 your surrounds (see firstorm but localized).
Assail: throw objects at the target: (see fling)
Objuration mechanicum: rendering enemies weapon useless; (disable enemies from firing there weapon will resort to melee for about 30secounds)
Gate of infanitry: teleport select location and jujmp though. (should be good to move from room to room. Or jump around places).
Shockwaves: push but sound based: (see push)
Telekine Shield/Telekine Dome: See catch projectiles
Vortex of Doom!!!
pulls apart reality to create a vortex of warp energy, (creates a temporary vortex that damages all that gets near it).

Telepathy is rehashed the same as 1st edition.

Sorry for English.

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Sounds like it might be more lore accurate, but would be pretty bad gameplay wise, unless the cooldowns are incredibly short.
The abilities build up peril after all.

As a psyker main, i would not mind having access to multipe blitz abilities and being able to cast any of them when ever i want (peril management being a factor of course).
Then again, it might be a bad idea to give psykers access to multiple blitz abilities at the same time, when all the others have to choose one. Doesn‘t sound quite fair.

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Not every Psyker can use every techniques that the Imperium know. Atm in DT a Psyker can use in maximum 5 techniques (Blitz, Techniques, Force Sword, Light attack from Staff, heavy attack from staff), which when going by the lore books isn’t that few.

The rework is still gonna keep the total amount of technique you can use in a single mission, 1 Blitz, and 1 Ability (Non-counting things that are passives), just give you a bigger selection in which you can chose what you want (Blitz: BB, Chain lightning, Psychic Knife/Telekine Knife; Ability: Push, Shield and unknown).

Also it’s “rpg” in name only, it’s really a bigger talent tree like we had before

I think the proper way to do the Psyker is to bring more “Psyker” weapons, even things that aren’t Force Weapons

Some of those should happen, but they should happen via introducing new weapons, blitz or abilities, and not trying to give 5+ ability at the same time


Biomantic Swords: (Inquisitor Martyr)
Psyker weapons that function a lot like Sienna’s Flaming Sword, having DoT (Though Electric) and having unarmed strikes ( → Hammerhand/Steel Arm)
But with the possibility of adding a few others via the Variants:
Var1: Special attack is simply charging the Sword with more electricity (So Smite pattern)
Var2: Special is charging unarmed hand even more than before, to deliver stronger strike (So Hammerhand pattern)
Var3: Special attack being a pseudo Surge lightning attack

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