How I'd rework the color swaps in the docket shop

Off the top of my head: Unlock a piece of armor, get access to two or three recolor options that are solid color palette swaps. Put things like camo patterns in the docket shop. Would be interesting if this system applied to premium cosmetics too but I’m really mostly thinking about the free cosmetics with this.

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Imo the ideal situation for me would be this:
Solid color palate swaps should be near free and selectable from a submenu within the item, preferably with the ability to mix and match cloth and armor, and not how it is now where each recolor is a completely separate item. It really only exists to artificially inflate the item count (and playtime considering how many dockets they cost) and clogs up the inventory screen. Camo patters should be slightly more expensive and would be acceptable as premium cosmetics, but I’d prefer if they were obtainable through gameplay since it’s still ultimately just a palate swap. Only full on reskins have any business being premium items and wouldn’t make me feel like a mark for spending real money on them.

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Sure ! Good idea ! Here the three flashy colors you can use.

Want the fancy ones ? 400 aquilas !

Docket shop, as in the servitor that sells you weapons and recolors already.