Cosmetic items models and colors should be two separate things

We should be able to apply the colors/camos we get on any weapon we have, I bet they have a system in place where they can just choose a HEX color value or apply a certain texture to any weapon/attire model, give us more options, you have the technology.

This could even allow you to sell colors and camos as a separate shop item, more money for you, and more customization for us.

A year or so from now everybody will have a cluttered inventory, filled with the same weapon skins that have different colors applied to them.

Also ordo dockets skins are just two recolors of the same model, and that model in most cases doesn’t look like the base model of the weapon you are applying it to, so why not separate it ? giving people more options, instead of everyone running around with the red penance Cosmetics we could have new colors, but there is no way you are not just gonna sell us the same skins with different colors in the future, so think this is it.