How does crit power works?

does it give flat damage ontop of the crit? %more crit dmg? How does it stack?


It increases the boost you get when critting.

So boost is a simple scale between 0 and 1 that sets how much of your max damage bonus you’ll get. Crits works towards your Finesse boost and stacks with headshots etc. So the extra crit stuff bumps the boost you get when critting.

The final damage is dependant on original damage and individual weapon attack settings though, but for reference average weapons with max Finesse boost doubles the damage.


Thanks! But how much dmg is for example the max boost 1?
Does it mean 100% more dmg?
Edit: wait, with finesse you mean the boost or? So max means double dmg okay

How much boost gives 20 crit power? 0.2 instead of 0?
Are 20 power from weapon and jewellery for example 0.4 or how does it stack?

All the numbers are a bit confusing ^^

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While I don’t know all the details and it’s comlicated to explain, yes, trinkets and weapon effects do stack.
The best weapons to have this kind of mod are probably high finesse weapons like a rapier.
A few details can be found by reading the post about the damage/power rework posted by the devs on release.

Yeah - on the development side it’s a bit complicated but on your end it’s quite straightforward: All your gear and hero level is summed up to a total powerlevel that sets your base damage for each weapon attack.

Boost is added ontop on this and scales with your base damage. So stack headshot/crit/extra boost and get like between 0.5 and 2.5 times your base damage added depending on weapon.

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