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So i was just testing the glaive´s second heavy attack, the overhead when i accidentally realized that the crit damage is very low,this was tested on a armored dummy.

The normal damage for the second heavy on a headshot was 51,7, the crit was 57,5.

Arent crits supposed to boost the damage a bit more when one has a full crit setup? My spear does 25 on its normal stab heavy and 53 on a crit.

I think the glaive might be bugged.

Also,1hand axe heavy does the same as 1hand sword on armor, seems a bit off given that axe has the armor piercing trait, possibly bugged as well?

What do you mean by full crit setup?
Crit chance as I am sure you’re aware increase chance to crit.
Crit power increase the damage of the crit.
My understanding of crit power is that it only increases the damage of the crit, not the entire damage.

For example if you have say 20% crit power on an item.
Normal attack damage is 10.
Attack damage with a crit is 15.
Now with 20% crit power the extra 20% is only added onto that 5 damage.
So total damage would be ~16.

Again, that is my understanding of crit power. I may be wrong.

What you also have to consider is weapons have different crit multipliers, headshot damage multipliers etc…
Spear, at least to my understanding, is considered a high “finesse” weapon.

Full crit setup in my book is using all crit chance+crit power from items that is available^^

Even stuff like talents.

Well…IMHO crit power can have a significant benefit on certain careers and weapon setups and can be a bit lackluster on most.

The two I mainly use it on are:
BH repeater pistol build.

I use it on shade as well, and most waystalker setups that arent using hagbane or a weapon that has poor critchance.

Think it was the last setup i used on huntsman kruber and pyro sienna as well.

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