How do you make Barge work?

Now and then I try the Slayer 25-talent Barge, and every time I find it utterly useless, with too great risk of failure.

At first I thought it did absolutely nothing, being completely broken, but then I re-read the wording of the talent:

  • “Effective dodges pushes nearby small enemies out of the way.”

The key words being “effective dodges” - Whenever I try to keep my block up and dodge, I’m stuck in place, but when I release the block and just dodge, I do move and shove some enemies.
This means I have to risk dropping my guard, hoping that I don’t get hit from any other random swing while dodging.

And then comparing this with the similar talent on Handmaiden, “Wraith-Walk”, where she can safely have her block up (with 90% Block Cost Reduction and 130% Stamina Regen on top of that) and at the same time safely glide though anything (until something pushes her, breaking the block).

As it is now I find Barge extremely underwhelming and completely useless, compared to the alternatives. If you just do one single mistake you are screwed.

I have seen that some people do use it and like it, so what am I missing? How are you supposed to play with Barge successfully?

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ITs helps when that one blyad rat gonna backstab you, otherwise its best of rest if you dont use 2hd weapons.
Every weapon have effective dodge count, 2hd weapons have less than 1 hd, with armory mod you can check it .

And slayer really dont need that resist he is CC king I use barge because other options are just bad

As Perteks says Barge is a lot more useful with dual axes or similar with a high effective dodge count. Still not nearly as useful as Handmaidens… but I find that I get hit a lot less when I use that talent and dual axes and dodge a lot.

maybe it’s referring to dodge an attack possibly?
but the bigger question is, what constitutes small enemies just rats? or could that also slightly push rat armors too?

Every non taggable and even stormvermins and bestigors when not attacking

Barge definitely works best with 1h/Dual weapons for the Slayer, however, I find it still not being good enough when compared to Grimnir’s Focus. Having an almost all-time 50% damage reduction is no joke, and with Oblivious to Pain severely nerfed, it occurs to be the only “reasonable” talent to take, as long as you keep swinging your weapon(s), which is, again, easier to maintain with one-handers than two-handed weapons. There’s a short window where the buff does fade only to appear again, and if you get hit, you suffer the full damage, sure, but since Barge offers nothing but better effectiveness against hordes, against which Slayer is already a monster, this feels like a misleading alternative that doesn’t really accomplish much, besides making you slightly better at crowd control.

Adrenaline Rush coupled with Slayer’s action skill already does that (CC) well enough, though, so… Barge kind of sucks, unless you want to excel especially against hordes, and worse against everything else.


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