How do you know when you get a Critical Hit?

As subject, how do you know when you’ve gotten a critical hit? Some of the Talents in the talent tree are based off critical hits, so it’s hard to make a decision on which to get if you don’t know hen you get a crit hit.


Critical hits are indicated by the colour of your aim thingy. It turns red/into a cross when you headshot/critical hit :slight_smile:

Thank you

I believe there is a sound indication too, at least with some weapons. Check on the target range.

pretty sure only headshots change the color of the crosshair. Critical hits are indicated by sound. With arrows and bolts, they also seem to have a red trail as you fire.

This, and melee usually got a large orange trail (some charged attack also got the trail, but less large)

most of the time your character will also scream out in adrenaline YEARRRRH -slash-

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Weird that no one has mentioned this but the trail of your weapon turns orange on criticals and things like the bolts/arrows from crossbows/bows have an orange trail instead of white on them too

Edit: sorry someone did mention this my phone seemed to have just spazzed past the comment xD

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