Adding a sound effect for ranged criticals

It’s difficult to discern when your ranged hit is critical or not for many of the ranged weapons in the game. It’s easy to tell for some weapons that have a somewhat slow, travelling projectile like arrows, bolts or drakefire pistols. But many ranged weapons have a crit effect that’s barely recognizable in the heat of the moment (handgun, BoP) or don’t even have a visual crit effect at all (Bolt staff, Trollhammer).

So I’d like to suggest a sound effect to be added for when your ranged attack is a crit to help players better understand what they’re doing and allow for better decision-making.
I don’t know if this is feasible or realistic, but I hope it’s something that can be added in the future.


If new SFX are out of the question it seems like a crosshair indicator could work too, right? Or is that already a thing?

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There is one mod that does that, not using it but i know it exists.

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