Rapier crit visual effect

It happens quite often with the rapier heavy attack that I get an orange visual effect of a crit attack but it’s not actually counted as a crit.


…The orange effect you write off, does it refer to the hit marker in the center of the screen? The one for headshots?

Because to my knowledge the crit visuals are more like a redish effect that goes along with the swing/stab rather than anything orange.

Melee crits always looked orange to me, never red.
You can see a regular crit to the head at the end of the first video with the stormvermin, crits have always looked like that to me.

Those are all just headshots, crits have a very obvious sound effect attached to them.
The last headshot in the first vid also sounds like a crit though, hard to tell with someone talking through it.

Right, headshots have an orange hitmarker, not a visual effect on your attack.

…Ah wait i got ranged and melee effects mixed up, my bad. Ranged is red while melee is indeed orange.

My confusion was further boosted by the rapiers heavy crit being so subtle :sweat_smile:

This happens when your last push was a crit push.

This happens for your first attack after a crit push, regardless if you push more after.
Works with every melee weapon I tried so far.
Even still works when you shoot a ranged wep or throw a bomb etc.

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Ah, that could be the cause (or trigger) of the visual bug!
I don’t think I’d have ever made that connection.

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