How do you handle "In to the nest" horde + boss at 3rd tome?

We always get a boss + horde in the 3rd tome area on In to the nest and wipe or lose half of the team 9/10 times. There is no good place to kite the boss and the horde just comes from all directions.

Where do we go?

This is the most unsafe part of the level and it’s very important to always stop and wait in the rock tunnel before it and never drop down until after the horde comes. During the horde, 2-3 players can handle the ledge while the remainder instagibs the tunnel horde at range (constantly ping the tunnel throughout in case there’s a special hidden behind the ofal). If you’ve been performing nominally, by the time you finish clearing the room below of everything you can see from a distance, the horde will be on you.

Once the horde is done, one player should jump down onto the highest wooden platform to see if the boss spawns. If it does, it will be unable to hit the player and it’s a gimme. If you don’t get the boss til a lil later, be sure to keep room behind you in case it switches targets and always know your exit route. Other than that, just zerg it like normal.

Spend as little time in this room as possible.

Side note: The most critical skill in the entire game is knowing when to expect your next horde and where to defend during it. Inexperienced players just constantly move ahead and get caught out of position over and over again. It’s important to know where bosses spawn and wait for the next horde to come first, or to have one person trigger it if it seems bugged/delayed. Eg. the drop after the 3x symbol doors in the sewers in Convocation of Decay where you can get horde+boss. Sometimes the horde won’t spawn until one player drops down, so if you’ve waited and the horde didn’t come it’s best to have a non-dps w/o a grim drop down to trigger it while everyone else stays up top and helps. Similarly, if you’re not in a good position and a horde comes it’s important to know when to push up to a safe place or when to fall waaaay back to avoid getting a really messy horde.


Doesn’t really work for me. We just cleared the horde on the ledge, jumped down and nothing. Only 3/4 into the room, boss spawn and another horde 10s after.

It’ll be a lil different now that skaven hordes spawn more frequently and I believe bosses always get their own hordes now, but should start with the same approach then have anyone with boss aggro kite . I haven’t had it since the patch but the best approach if it’s no longer possible to get a clean boss here would be the normal kite n kill. Forced bosses with hordes kinda makes voice communication mandatory.

Easy kite paths there would be around the upper portion, or repeatedly from the upper portion, dropping to lower, then back up (more “safe” time where the boss is stuck in drop/climb animations).

Troll can be safely kited in a very small space via lateral movement, Stormfiend isn’t overly threatening and people only really need to half pay attention to it while horde clearing, Roger can be indefinitely held in place once he’s done his first triple attack by moving forward, doing a charged attack in his face, then immediately dodging backwards over and over again as this forces him to do a ground slam and he will remain in place without doing damage (same as in VT1). Chaos Spawn would be the worst in this room because they seem buggy af right now, with clipping ground slam animations and a more aggressive demeanor in general.

Yeah, since 1 .6 I’ve noticed that every boss gets a hoard to spawn about 20/30 seconds after the boss comes. At least on legend, probably on champion too… it’s kinda tedious. You have to go 2 and 2 (boss kite and crowd control), it’s tricky when there’s no room. Because you always have a boss with a hoard, really saving potions/bombs and nuking the boss as hard as you can in the grace period is your best bet. Saving your bombs to speed clear the boss’s hoard is going to help ( Don’t waste on boss you only get some light dmg and a stagger.

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Best you can do- have 3 people clearing the horde and 1 kiting the boss. The kiting players path should be - ideally starting on 3rd tome cart- aggro the boss, wait for him to climb/run up to you, jump down, dodge/run back to the stairs leading to the 3rd tome - repeat. The players clearing the horde should try avoiding damaging the boss not to aggro him and focus on clearing the horde around them, with one person(Sienna - unless she’s the one kiting the boss) with fast ranged clear helping the kiting person,making sure they don’t get stuck between a mob and the boss.

Other kiting route is straight back to the scaffold,then around the item chest and ammo stash back to the scaffold and back to the 3rd tome on the upper path.

3rd kiting route is outside the room,although it’s risky because you might get knocked off the map if you’re not careful or if you’re unlucky, so I’d avoid it unless there’s no other choice.

Depends on where the thickest horde comes.