How do you deal with trolls? is previous missions social tab buggy?

so small story of what happened, I joined a quickplay of heresy difficulty
there’s only one other person with me in the mission, the other 2 are bots
this one person, I won’t say his name, the moment we came across a daemonhost, he shot the daemonhost on purpose, and then just leaves the match while laughing into the mic

so i got immediately downed by the daemonhost, I decide to just leave the match cause game is lost anyways,
decided to check social tab and go to “previous missions” and block him so I don’t get a match with him ever again, and his name is not there

so my question was, did his name not appear here because

  1. he left early so the system didn’t register him?
  2. I left the mission as well before it actually fails so the system doesn’t register the match into the social tab?

should i just get the mission fail screen and not quit so the system log his name into the previous mission tab screen?

Previous Mission doesn’t always show who you played with reliably so it’s hard to block people like that.

Heresy is also the only difficulty I’ve run into problems with players. (Who also triggered the Daemonhost with the allegation “someone else was trying to throw the run” so they decided to throw the run lol)

Maybe take screenshots so you can keep an eye out for their name on later missions to block them? Seems easy to forget about it after you start playing again though. We really need a more reliable Previous Mission card.

Doesnt dh ignore everyone who dont shoot at it?

I’ve seen them attack some one else first on rare occasions, but even if they do attack the first person who bothered them they’re still going to go after someone else. Of course there’s another issue if they trigger it and leave the match immediately.

maybe the daemonhost came after me cause im the only real player left, the other guy just ran away and left the match, im left with bots

Ye the Previous mission- tab doesnt work very well, together with the merge teams button :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to hear about such experience, i’ve never experienced being trolled in such a way on heresy/damnation (yet), although multiple times happened when someone would trigger it accidently. Should totally be adressed imo. Maybe make it, so dh focuses bot players first.

You have to do it in mission. Just open the social tab and block people right then. If you wait until after it ends, there’s a 90% chance they won’t show up in the ‘previous missions’ tab.

How it works right now is almost perfect
As it wakes up who ever is meleeing it as its waking up takes agro.
It then swings them down and kills them
Then it picks I think who ever last shot them (I want this changed to the last person who melee hit them.)

You can also dodge and block the DH for about a while with out to much difficulty if you know the patten.
Easy to learn on D2 since your not gonna die in 5 hits like heresy.

Then when you or your team wakes it up rush it and tank/kite it for as long as you can.

unfortunately he just left, but if they appear again i will do so