Can not see the people i played with in the previous mission

I was playing with some people that was doing weekly mission and was farming for Scriptures. I offered to help with doing this and wanted to team up and go. So after the mission was done we merged the team and was ready to go.

But then i was standing in the Mourningstar not in the group. So i went into the Previous mission in the social menu, but i did not see any of the players i just played with in the previous mission.

Is this just happening to me or is it something that happens to other players? Because it seems like a useless social tab if one can not find the people that one played with in the previous mission.

If other people are having the same problem, is this a problem that will be sorted and done something about?

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Its an issue that was supposedly “fixed” but ive also had this happen quite often so its not just you.


Thank you for your response. It`s good to know that i am not the only one.

Yep, been wanting to block people but its been incredibly difficult.

Heck there isnt even a basic report function.

Add it to the pile of issues. This game should have been early access.

Shame on you FatShark. And shame on you Hedge and your condescending crap.


Yeah, If they had just done a early access release then it wouldve given them a big out as to developing the game still

And they did delay the game with 3 months. But now i am getting used to the fact that “beta” is actually “alpha” and release is some kind of “beta” for atleast 1 year or so. But aslong as the game devs are aware of the whole Previous Mission not working as it should, all i can do is wait.

I needed to block a toxic player earlier today and was unable to. They didn’t show up in the list of people I’d played with and instead of their steam name it just said “N/A” at the end of the game, which is extremely unhelpful.

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ya, im actually surprised how toxic friendly this game can get.

From being unable to report, to kick abuse to crazy names.

There is so many tools that you can incorporate in a game that isnt even complicated code.

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The only work around I’ve found, you have to be actively in a mission with the person to send friend requests, mute someone, or block someone.
Press escape → click “Social” → you’ll see your current strike team on the left → click on the player
This will bring up the options of friend request, block, mute, etc.
Just make sure you do what you need to do before the run is over and you all go your separate ways.

It’s a little frustrating that players have to work around game flaws, NGL.

Solo queue, we managed to 3-man a Heresy+ mission with a bot and I didn’t get a chance to add one of the players because “Previous Mission” showed random jank.

This is also an issue if there’s someone who made the last mission miserable, but you bailed as soon as possible and there’s no way to block them.

I will have to do that next time. Thank you for pointing that out.

I am a average player but i do enjoy to help people with farming for Grim, Scripture or whatever the case may be. But it really sucks that i say i will join and help and then i can not find them anywhere to add them to a team. For me it is annoying that i promise people that and do not deliver.

But this is a coop based game so that Fatshark did not prioritize a simple and good way to add people to groups or a way to ban toxic people, it does not make any sense at all.

Again, thank you for the advice

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