How did you discover the Vermintide Franshise?

I discovered Vermintide (1) at one of the biggest PC shop in my country in 2017 when I was 18 and I tried it and really liked it, though I couldn’t really play it and I re discovered Vermintide 1 when Vermintide 2 was announced and bought the first and then the second when it came out


I think my Brother got VT1 for me, and I was all “Oh man it’s gonna be another GW IP cash grab pile of crap”

Boy was I proven wrong. Not without it’s problems on launch, by the time the Quests and Contracts + Shrine were in place it put the polish on the brilliant gameplay loop.

I also like the UB5 a lot. They’re THE BEST characters in any game I’ve ever played. I feel genuine warmth towards them and really hope against hope that they don’t die in some heroic manner and that they ascend to fight at Sigmar/Grimnirs/Teclis’ side when the end times finally happens.

Fighting and dying defending Altdorf in the final acts of the End Times is more like it though. I think I’ll probably cry if this happens.


I just hope they don’t become StormCast and remain “human/Baseline” if they were to make a AoS game

That would be awesome but I feel that we should die trying to stop a Skaven machinery/Spell to try to divert the attention of the Horned Rat while the legendary Lord Level heroes are doing the real hard work, maybe with each character chosen God/Lord inspiring us to fight till the death

Hearing Karl Franz/Sigmar, Grombrindal/Grimnir/Grungni, Isha or Baltazar Gelt/ Aqshy inspiring us would be my dream end mission

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I discovered it when I saw a French youtuber (joueur du grenier) playing Vermintide 1. At first I was confused, I believed it was a medieval mod of Left 4 dead 2 I didn’t know about. When I realized my mistake I immediately bought a 4 pack to play with friends and family xD


Always look on steam store for coop games, first vermintide looked like something i could like but i thought the premise of killing rats was unappealing and just ignored it as yet another obscure charmless coop game, but when i saw vermintide 2 trailer and how much content listed on the store along with the base game, i knew i would have to check it, but it was the music in the trailer that got me hooked, it kept echoing in my head for a while after i was done watching the trailer.
2k in-game hours later, i think it was worth it.

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My neighbor randomly told me about V1 days before it released.

I’ve been playing ever since.

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My friend had the first game for a while, but I was already deep in another game competitively. I never thought a PVE game could ever hold my attention, until something happened to the private server I was playing on, and I decided to try other games. Here I am 3.5k hours later. lol

The best way I can describe why I like this game is, Skyrim was an awesome game, but the combat was absolutely terrible. Vermintide is exactly what I wanted and more. There’s so much depth to the gameplay that it’s difficult even when the AI is doing something you know it’s going to.

The UI, map designs, characters, on top of that- are what really made it. I hadn’t really played any Warhammer fantasy stuff before, and I dislike 40K, because it’s too big, and the Space Marines look really generic, unless they have different colours.

They should really do webcomics…

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I don’t honestly remember how, it was definitelly before the launch of the first game, so perhaps some of the marketing caught my eye. I was immediately hooked because I knew the universe from playing Age of Reckoning back in the day.

Missed out on open beta because I still had only 32-bit OS at the time and couldn’t play it.

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2 friends told me we need fight the chaos and my hammer was needed

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Saw VT1 gameplay in the youtube lol

My wife actually told me about it and I wasn’t interested at first. She tends to play MMOs and RPGs, so I just assumed it was one of those. Then I walked by and saw her playing it and it looked amazing. So I ended up getting it as well. We played together for months working our way up the difficulties. Good times

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I don’t even remember WHERE to be honest. Just kinda saw news of V2’s release, hadn’t touched the first Vermintide or any previous FS games and I hadn’t touched online co-op in half a decade. Ended up buying it shortly after release because it was quite cheap and looked cool in the trailers.

I was completely and absolutely oblivious to Vermintide franchise until VT2 came out. I watched some youtuber (I think Skallagrim?) having a quick look at it, and thought “Oi, that’s a game right in my tastes! And you’re telling me it’s a sequel and there has been a game like this for years?!”.

Needless to say, I’ve bought it on launch, I’m hooked ever since (even if on an irregular basis) and am definitely waiting for Darktide as well.

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About one year prior to VT2, a humble bundle contained VT1. I’ve been sucked in it, and for the first time in my life I preordered a game.
I love them both, but I’m put off by the amount of grind FS has in them, so for that reason alone I don’t think I’ll buy Darktide. One life sucking game is enough. I look forward to VT3 though.

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