How Are You?

Between two missions right before the quarantaine means I can’t really start a new mission until it’s finished, so I’m currently in studying to improves my coding skills.


Well, all my jobs have been cancelled, next one isn’t until April 6th. I took the kid out of preschool since I have nothing going on. And we’ve been hanging out. Things seem to be a little bit more chill here in Northern Sweden. But the shops are nearly all empty… Just been hanging out with friends via discord, as most of them are working from home now or in isolation as they have coughs and cold symptoms. Touched base with the family and the virus finally arrived in little Bermuda. Kinda worried about them as we only have 1 hospital there with around 15 ICU beds. The government has started ordering supplies, but it’s a little late. There’s a lot of panic buying there as the only food comes into the island via ship once a week. And they’ve been cancelled.


I’m currently on contract with a large FinTech company. Our offices mandating all non-essential employees to work from home made national news here. :slight_smile: That said, I’m going a bit stir crazy, and the heavy proxy/VPN restrictions from work can make my job slightly more time-consuming than I’d like since I can’t just walk downstairs to the help desks. I’m trying to use the time during breaks to straighten up the house and kind of reflect on things and where I want to be in my career and overall try and become a better person once we come out the other end of this.

Hope everyone is safe and healthy! :smiley:


Get well soon, hope it’s not too rough for you.


Thank you <3


North of Italy, Lombardia (red zone)
About stockpiling and mass panic
Media should be made responsible for what happened. This is just the last of many cases where information given in the wrong way (just for the hype) ended in a mess. People, in the best of the cases, are just ignorant, and in the worst, don’t give a damn sh.t, so it is not acceptable that all the main media keep streaming things like the death count but without explaining the meaning of the numbers. Just the number, “today 300 people dead” without explaining what happened with previous flues or that the number in Italy is comprehensive of both primary and secondary death. Just the crude number plus some other gruesome details, so obviously people panic, and nowadays selfish, superficial society made it worse.
Toilet paper is not a big problem, we can wash our ass anytime (we have the bidet :stuck_out_tongue: ), but things like soap/eggs/milk/water…

Me and my family, till now, are in somewhat good health, got couple of times fever, but it’s my chronic sinusitis kicking in and me being a moron.
My wife is spraying me and everyone else who come back home in alcohol ( at least we look happy :slight_smile: ) and forcing us to eat huge amount of probiotic stuff, because a good bowel is as much important as sanitize ourselves :smiley: . Thing is she started doing this well before our government decided that maybe it was time to face the problem seriously.

Anyway, working from home, but being a freelancer, it’s not that unusual, just, I hope the companies I got contracts with will still be there after this mess. I seriously wonder how many of them will be able to survive another month (not talking about companies selling services).
Around here one of the supermarket chains decided to close all the shops because one of the workers died. In the one I’m buying what I need, we have to wait outside in the cold in a 3 meters from person to person line, so I just go once every 2/1.5 weeks. Luckily I have half of a cow in one freezer and a room full of cured meat :stuck_out_tongue:

@TmanDW good luck and as much as possible, try to not overwork yourself


Just stood on the Doorstep in the UK for our 8pm round of applause for the NHS. It was actually pretty special and where I live I could hear all the ships on the Solent sounding their horns.

There was nearly a quiver on my Very British stiff upper lip.


Truly weird times in the UK, as I’ve just received my papers through the post from my Employer (Hampshire County Council) to say I’m allowed out and about for “numerous and varied reasons”.

" Papers please!"

Sinister really.


We heard this down south too. It was… lovely :’)


Another interesting news on my part is how Austria tuned down any other activies of the emergency services. As soon as we had the first few cases.

For example the voluntary firefighters: EVERY competitions, exams, exercises we trained for got canceled last minute. Even for alarms we get called in manually by the chief by phone. So only the minimum required fire fighters arrive on the site. Of course on alarms with life in danger we still all rush to the fire department but stay outside the station until the chief picks the ~9 dudes, who will actually go to the emergency.


Eh, I’m doing all right. I take care of a disabled family member who would be very vulnerable to this, so I’m entirely shut-in. I have friends (and they are fantastic friends) who have gone to the store and picked up supplies for me. Can’t even risk giving them a hug in thanks, but that’s just how it is. Learning to make maps in Doom 2. That part’s really fun. Also writing more, putting out stuff on my weird fiction/history blog.

TBH, I’ve wanted to become a nurse for a long time, and I feel a lot of guilt that I can’t be out there helping in some capacity. Already had a friend of a friend die and a few others are sick. A cousin is in the ICU, they had to go in after ten days of trying to fight it at home.

@Argonaut14, keep up the good work of feeding people and stay safe. :slight_smile:


I’m in Moscow, and we’ve officially closed down all non-essential operations in the city for 1 week starting this Monday. Everyone is sure it’ll be at least one more week after that. There is no panic per se here, but there was a wave of idiots who were buying buckwheat (yeah we eat this stuff here), TP and hand sanitizers by the cartload thus creating a short-term deficit and prompting other socially active idiots to take pictures of the empty shelves and post them online. This is dealt with by now - there were no real shortages - shop workers were just too slow to take that stuff out of storage and back onto the shelves.

Adequate testing procedures and availability is rather poor and slow to start here still, so we don’t really know the true situation. Unfortunately, not everyone takes all this seriously, however the measurements that are being taken by our government at least make sense.

I’m a sat. comms. government contracted programmer, so I can’t really take my work home, however, I can do some research and reporting that would easily last me these two weeks. I’ve cancelled all my appointments and me and the wife are effectively self-isolated in our flat with provisions for two weeks. We’re young and mostly healthy, but we don’t take any chances anyway.

Our parents live in a small town away from the city, so we helped them prepare weeks ago without any hassle. My mother is a pro chemist and has some experience bringing kids up through the 90s in Russia, so shes no stranger to epidemics and quarantine procedures. I’m hopeful she’ll manage fine.

So yeah, not much happening here for now, but seeing how carelessly many people treat this threat, I have absolutely no doubt that we’re gonna be hit sooner or later.

For now, my heart goes out to you guys, and thanks for asking, @FatsharkJulia.


SO Necromancy aside, this thread still hold true and I hope everyone herein is still ok.

Me and Mine are all fine, although I’ve bumped this to say I’m finding it much harder to… just tough it out this time. I suppose there was some goodwill in March, and some odd-novelty value in the idea of the entire country being closed. It’s not so pretty now, and in the UK at least there’s been higher deaths in Oct than in March, yet no one is outside clapping the NHS etc.

For some people the slow turning of the thumb screws has meant that a lot has come to a head recently that’s actually been building up for months. I know at work I’ve had to manage a lot more infighting, spats, arguments and general sh*ttyness between my staff members - none of whom are A-holes by a long shot. I know I’m in a high pressure situation (chef) but people who are usually cool when the fighting is thickest, are flaring up. I hope everyone else here is still getting on with things and rolling with the punches ok.

Although we’re all fine at home really, I logged on to VT2 after a fraught week, joined War Camp and saw some chaos guy standing knee deep in muddy water yelling at the sky and I thought “I know exactly where you’re coming from mate.”


Ah, nice of you to bump this. I’ve had some not covid related issues, but I like to think I’m ok. My mom contracted the C19 a month ago, but she’s fine now, and we’re all grateful for that because given her medical history, it might’ve took a darker turn easily. Funny thing is that despite all her chem warfare Chief Leutenant training, she got ill because all the precautions she took got ultimately circumvented by her colleague hiding her own illness and coming to work.
We too hit some high numbers statistically, but it seems that our government got a bit more comfortable since March in handling all the influx, so we also do not see a second closedown - probably to keep more businesses alive.


Hello, here we got another red zone thing because numbers sky rocked.
I’m mad about the overall situation.
We went back to a closure because people don’t want/cannot behave without a gun against their neck.
The same people, mostly already pensioned or too young for work who complain about the situation, are the ones who neglected masks, distances and other “common sense” behaviors.
“Experts” are gushing out from everywhere saying anything and the exact opposite and media gave them exposure, so the masses have the hook for neglecting.
Lack of understanding the meaning of “risk zero doesn’t exist” instead of making someone question how/what behaviors to adopt, drives people to think using masks is meaningless.
The fact that behaving in one way or another labels everyone as supporters of a political faction is messing up everything even more.
Government completely lacks of decision making power. The best thing they could do was setup the yellow/orange/red zones saying, “you cannot go around, but if you have a valid/serious reason, no problem”. We are Italians, this doesn’t work. Never worked. Result is a lot of people is*/was going around.
Too late for the closure, no one gave a damn on past summer numbers, almost no one enforcing the rules. Some regions are extremely strict, others at all.
Mr. God money is winning again over humanity.
Few accept the reality, mostly people who lost someone due the illness and are not ignorant.
My conclusion is that I have been too much naive for too long time.
I didn’t notice that an awful amount of people (relatives too) tend to be overly cynical and hypocrite and cannot/don’t want to accept that we are all in the same boat and that roaming against is just going to make it worse.

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