Offering technical support

Hello sahs,

Just wanted to show support for the techpriests doing the emprahs work in Sweden. Hope you are getting enuff naps and rations and staying hidart… highratted… hydrat… drink lots of water. Do you have pox-doggo-pupper plushies to help with stress?

Me and me pals are enjoying saying heretics. Boom. Squish. Ka-splat. But reading (or vetrun sah is reading to me) the discord chats, reddit pages and the forum makes it sound like you are getting as much luv as the heretics. But I luvs you as much as I luvs my bully club.

We have the conntro… Kontrc… contra-reversal… Unpopular opinion that we like what you’ve done and are doing, and we thinks the vocal communities on these platforms do not represent us.

I just wanted to say keep up the good work Sahs! I luvs me new leopard legs!


-that’s all sah, you can stop typing and hit send on the data slate now. Did you include the bit about ration-

:heart: :heart: :heart:

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