How Are You?

This is undeniably a very strange time in our lives. The COVID-19 outbreak has landed many people in unfortunate positions and for that reason we need to look out for one another.

So, how are you? Perhaps you need to vent, maybe you’re in isolation and need somebody to speak to, or simply want to share what’s on your mind - you’re welcome to use this post to do so!


This week we set up the company for Homeoffice for about ~80% of the office workers. Roughly 400 colleagues got taught how to work from home, got Hardware, servers set up, etc. All with my 4 other colleagues. Everything was finished wednesday… Exhausting but proud of our success!

I desinfected my hands and face A LOT. Since I had contact with the entire company. I do wonder if I caught it… For now no confirmed cases of Corona in our company tho. But there are confirmed cases near my home village. In Austria they are talking about this Home-office thing for companies will last until Easter for now…
Our company now rolled out short time work 28h/week. So I have a lot more time to play. I definitely will try out “Doom Eternal” and of course chop even more rats.

What bums me out is the ignorance of some people. Especially the old people seem to care the least and don’t worry about avoiding contact with people, altough the government ordered us to decrease our outdoor activities to a just what is necessary to live, otherwise you’d get heavily fined.

Your post warms my heart tho! How are things at your place?



I’m what is considered a “key worker” so I got to go to work next week and feed at least 50 - 100 people, all in one room, all relatives of front line people (doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc).

I’ve got to go to work and do exactly what everyone is being told not to do. I’m proud to do it and I’m (fairly) young a in good health so I’ll keep going until I’m told to stop.

However I’ve been a chef my whole working life and I have been fighting “germs” for 20 years at least. I understand more than most that containment and control of the illness is all about keeping things clean. Long before the COVID-19 I’ve been in a constant battle against Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter etc.

There were 1 million cases of food poisoning last year in the UK, with 500 deaths. Mostly old or compromised people, but there are parallels.

I’m appalled by the wanton seflishness of people panic buying toilet roll(!) and the fact children’s medicine - calpol- has gone from £5.99 to £19.99 overnight. Now people might be panic buying booze and I’m prepared to trigger a revolution to ensure those people get thrashed with nettles for being such world-class tw4ts.

If I’m going to be absolutely selfish, having spend the day in close proximity to 100 people, being told I cant go in the pub which only has one other fella in it for reasons of “social distancing” is a bit bloody stupid.

In this I can somewhat appreciate the British Governments stance which has come under heavy fire for being slow and lacklustre. What’s the point of closing schools/pubs/bars/gyms/offices/anything when downright-idiotic people are queuing in their hundreds to ram-raid ASDA for bread? there was something like 50 people outside our local TESCO express, jammed in like a Saturday nightclub dance-floor jostling for a pint of milk.

I’m pragmatic. Chicken Pox is a virus. Flue is a Virus, Common Cold is a Virus. All of which can kill the vulnerable. Once there is a Vaccine (within the year?) It’ll be back to normal.

I’ve just got to make sure my almost-fossilized parents survive it.


Sounds like carnage, but excellent work! By helping these people work from home you’ve allowed them to continue to earn a living - a stable income, and that’s something to be proud of!

It’s interesting to see how individual countries are handling this. I’m in the UK at current, schools have been shut, and today pubs, bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants, etc. have been ordered to close.

I work remotely from the UK most of the time so it’s simply what I’m used to, but most of our Sharks have had to shift to home working which has presented some challenges. Feeling very blessed to be in a position where I’m able to work from home.

On a personal level I’m really bothered by the stockpiling issue we have in the UK. Stockpiling loo roll, medicines, even perishables now. Today alone I visited 8(!) supermarkets and shops and still couldn’t locate what I needed (but I did get loo roll!)…


Many doctors believe Corona will stick around like Influenza. Every year having a little outbreak.
For now we just have to get everybody infected sooner or later (while keeping the amount of people who got Corona at the same time in a manageable size). After I got it I should be fine, with my body having the antibodies no?? I am not a doctor tho! What bums me out is the differences between each infected. Some apparently only have a mild cough, while others need a damn breathing assistance equipment!


Keep up the excellent work!

I couldn’t agree more with the appalling panic buying behaviour (as I’ve mentioned in my little rant above). On Wednesday I was on a mad hunt for Calpol for a mate’s poorly baby - and no luck, luckily she managed to pick some up eventually. Italy doesn’t seem to have this problem.


Those stockpilers are the worst! Entire supermarkets empty of toilet paper. I still got a few rolls left. A package of coarse sandpaper and if all should falter I still got my trusty Kärcher in the shack!


Unconventional, I like it!


@DatDing15 I have faith in our scientists. It’ll be vaccinated against soon (relatively speaking in scientific terms…)

I don’t have much faith however in my fellow man.

The famous people singing “imagine” made me want to vandalize a bus shelter. Filming from inside a $23m home in an attempt to comfort people who’s income has just instantly stopped is actually painfully insensitive.

@DatDing15 my 13 year old son suggested if we run out of loo roll we could cut up a towel and have a “bum rag” each that we keep and wash up. My wife is - and is likely to be for a long time - mortified and disgusted.


Sorry I’ve made your serious topic to something resolving around the lack of toilet paper.


Bahahaha! That’s hilarious.

So, quick question: why are people stockpiling? Do they not already have enough of whatever they’re buying? I live alone and I’ve had anywhere from 20-40 rolls of toilet paper in my house… since I moved in. 3-6 in each bathroom and a full package in the closet. If more people lived here I’d have more, for sure… but why not just have everything you need ahead of time? People are silly.

Thanks for asking :slight_smile:
Healthy and being IT from home, much like our dearest @DatDing15! Here I am, playing too many video games and using VR to Beat-Saber my way into madness. This COVID-19 thing is terrifying as I also have some of those almost-fossilized family members that @Argonaut14 is referencing.

I’m mostly worried about how terribly much I miss seeing my dearest who is couped up at her families place. They told her she’s not welcome back if she comes to see me, so I’ll not see her for a while yet… sad times.


Y’all out there doing god’s work and I’m here playing video games and studying, rofl. Well, I guess not breaking quarantine is sort of the best I can do for my community anyway, but still. Keep up the good work, fellas!

The idea, I presume, is that since they’re going into quarantine they should stockpile all the necessary items so that they don’t have to ever leave the house until the quarantine is over, which basically means buying as much non-perishable food and toilet paper as possible.
Which is absolutely stupid, we’re allowed and expected to go out and buy necessities whenever we need, as long as that’s the only reason we leave quarantine!

That said, I’m glad that this is not happening in my country. Sure, people are panic-buying, but they’re not stockpiling obscene amounts of toilet paper.
That said, it is possible that they’re not buying out the toilet paper because every single household in Argentina has a bidet.
God bless bidets. Water doesn’t run out! Or, rather, if it does, I’ve got bigger issues. :sweat_smile:

I am doing quite well! The situation isn’t affecting me too badly since I’m not exactly changing my habits. My gf and I both are joking around about how we apparently already lived under quarantine: we only ever left to go to uni and to buy food, so other than the fact that we are taking online classes now everything is exactly the same.

I’m from Argentina and as of this morning the government has elevated the situation from “quarantine” to what they call “siege mode”. It’s pretty much the same, except if you’re caught outside by the police and you were outside for any reason other than “to buy food” or “to buy medicine from the pharmacy”, you go straight to jail. Because my fellow countrymen are idiots and the first thing they did was head en masse to the beach. I’m a bit miffed by that, I’d like the people here to take things more seriously.

Thankfully, my parents DO take it seriously and are being very careful, which I’m very glad for because while they’re not over 65, they’re still close to that age so I’m quite worried for them, they’re close to the risk age group and all that. My mother also has a few respiratory issues she’s had since she was a child, so she’s in an even greater risk.
Not much to do, though, other than being careful, so I try to stay at ease.

That is messed up, sorry to hear. I do get where they’re coming from, though, the virus has got everyone in a panic.


Oh mate, it’s like that in the UK. Every man for himself.


I’ve heard that Loremaster Nethirillen speculated about the possibility of a new Nurgle plague spreading throughout Elthin Arvan, during the Council’s latest session. It is unfortunate that because of a sudden shift of Aethyr’s Northen current, he was unable to precisely identify the time period during which it was due to take place, giving us little to no time to react.

However we received a missive from Lothern that the Phoenix King is sending a couple of Priestesses of Isha and Archmages, accompanied by several regiments of Spearmen, Archers and Knights from Cothique to help the populus of Elthin Arvan combat the plague.

Despite the direness of the situation, I am sad to say that - due to certain events in the West which I will not discuss - I highly doubt his Majesty will be able to provide any more assistance.

What I can say though is that The Council at here Hoeth is discussing the situation as we speak and shall advise Lothern’s Court on the best course of action in the upcoming days.

Fear not the darkness of Chaos for Asuryan and Isha watch over us.


Does this mean I’m allowed to Bounty Hunter ULT Kerrillian point blank range? I think it’s a yes.


It’s been amazing. Loving all the discounts at the store (no eggs though). My lifestyle hasn’t changed one bit, and it’s always nice to see some action on the internet and in the world. Although a bit sad that my local gym has been closed off for the next couple weeks.


Hello and thanks for asking^^

Doing well here and hope the same to everyone else, i know what it´s like to get hella sick after some unlucky run ins with pneumonia and a bad flu is little different x)

But at the same time by some accident at the start of this entire affair i stumbled over a video that has then been stuck on my mind and i find it to be pretty funny

I love this stuff :joy:


Only if she’s Waystalker or Shade.


Border area between Netherlands and Germany here. Currently live in NL, work in GER as a doctor, in Anesthesiology / Intensive Care. So this whole thing has me pretty occupied as you can probably imagine.

Things really aren’t too bad for me so far, though. In our ICU we aren’t overrun by Covid-19 patients yet (only a few) and we aren’t running over capacity. We also have sufficient supplies of everything so far, and preparations are going rapidly. We see some small effects though. Sick colleagues, cancelled operations, care for isolated patients is always a little trickier, that sort of things. Luckily people seem to take this whole situation seriously around here. My biggest headache at the moment is arranging childcare, since the schools are closed and our “guest-mother” is sick and thus can’t work. So I can’t complain that much. My workday looks pretty much the same as it usually would, maybe only a little busier, everything considered. Many of my colleagues (especially those in Brabant in NL) have it a lot worse!

Biggest concerns are about what’s about to come, however. It’s projected there’s waves of patients coming the next weeks, and we can only hope we’re properly prepared for it. It’s almost guaranteed I’m going to either get sick, or need to do extra shifts. And everybody hopes we’ll be able to provide care to everybody who’s coming. So, to all of you: Please do your part in helping prevent a situation in which healthcare services are taxed over capacity. Stay home, avoid creating a peak in the infection rate. That’s all we can do, but also very important. This stuff is no joke. Just look at the numbers in northern Italy…

I also want to say it’s really, really good to see FS cares about their employees so much. There are more important things in life than videogames. Just see what you can do, and if stuff gets delayed it’s no big deal at all. Especially not in this situation.


I’m under quarantine on week 2 as I’m infected. Usually spend around 30 hours a week on sports and a few hours on games. Things sure did reverse.

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