How are mission servers hosted?

I want to know if possible, how are the servers hosted when joining or creating a mission with a squad?

For example, if I create a taskforce and invite people, then select a mission and we start playing, am I the host? Thereby, is the ping for others decided by my region?

Or is everyone connected to a central server?

Wondering because of ping. Thank you!

Joke answer: They are hosted on potatoes by the looks of it.

Serious answer: We are definitely matched by regions, I’m Spanish and almost every game I get other Spanish, French or Portuguese players.

As for your example question, I’d assume they either take your location or they select somewhere in between you and your friend on the team, given the state of the game, the first option is far more likely.

It may also search for the server that’s more readily available on either region, yours or your friend’s

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Judging by console logs, it’s AWS instances.

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