Let players choose what server we connect on

often times since i stream friends join me but they live around the world. would be nice if the lobby leader can determine where we connect to so i dont have to play in narnia


I am playing with a friend that lives pretty far from me and I do want to choose a server so I am my friend will have a similar ping, but rigth now game chooses servers that are the closest to the host(I think?), so while I am playing with comfortable 60 ping, he is with 300, and vice versa

or atleast the person people join on be the determining home server. this random server is making me not wanna play with people

find a 3rd friend living between you and let them host game /s

tbh, i saw that issue few times, joining strike team basically makes your ping bad due to this horrible design.

adding logic that would chose common good server it quite simple, but … this is FS so, not gonna happen

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