How about 3 daily per day and 5 weekly per week?

I know FS will patch weekly and we will get 3 chest per week

I am very happy with it but i want to suggest something for making game more happier

From data, you need 66 dlc chests if you do all dlc challenge

So with 3 chest, you need to do 22 weeks farming to get what you want if you are unlucky
So i suggest 5 per week
It will reduce farming time 13~14 weeks and i think it is not too short considering it is 3 month and 1~2 week

Also giving daily 3 per day would be good for both new and old players

New players will get power boost faster and old players will get red more with less play time

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You post like Fatshark actually cares if we get cosmetics atm.
I’m thinking the mass amount of bugs and balancing issues are there first priority… at least I hope.

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