Hounds instakill preachers if invuln triggered, hound lunge uninterruptable

Hounds are frequently causing instant-casualty for me on Malice. They destroy toughness the second their pounce hits, and they chew through health in under a second. If playing zealot, triggers the invuln ability, and if hound isnt removed by time duration ends, then it goes straight to casualty instead of the downed state. Got insta-killed the same way 3 rounds in a row right in the first engagement.

Also, if you dodge/push/shoot/stab a hound while it’s in midair, it frequently ignores the input and will pin you anyways. Especially egregious with the dodge as I’ll dodge the hound, then I’ll suddenly go into down state and it’ll just teleport to on top of me, but one of those you can see the model moving super fast from its location to new location rubberband type teleports. Means you can only effect the hound before it starts its lunge as the lunge is effectively uninterruptable and un-dodgeable. Doesn’t seem like intended behavior. Feels like assassin rat at VT2 launch