Hotfixing cosmetics, still dying to silent buttbursters on 2/7/24

come one fatshark


What they fixed are the things that make people request refunds. That’s their priority. Who cares if they enjoy the game if they buy some cosmetics beforehand?


Swedish take on “priorities”.

Tbf, people responsible for fixing cosmetics are unlikely to be the same people who are able to fix audio issues, or redesign crafting.

I get that - but in the absence of literally any communication, all we have to go on is the content they put out.

Which is just cosmetics and cosmetic fixes since December.


Never ceases to amaze me when game developers are just totally unable to maintain any sense of frequent communication on their half-finished-but-already-released games. I can’t fathom how they don’t just put out a short message saying something to the effect of: “We know you’re waiting on an update. We have some stuff that we’re working on that we will discuss further around X time”.

That buys you another month or two of goodwill and it’s so incredibly easy and simple, so why not just do everyone (including Fatshark themselves) a favour and do it? Makes literally no sense to me.


Fatshark in particular just…doesn’t want to talk anymore. Because they’re almost completely incapable of doing the simple task of not lying to the players.

Being called out repeatedly for their lies has made them unwilling to authorize any communication whatsoever by the CMs.


I’ve not been around these forums (or any forums) very long or frequently. What have they lied about that’s not debateable?

Are we talking ‘we have receipts’ or ‘this is transparently obvious that it’s a lie’? Because it’s usually the latter - aquila pack amounts, the ‘we have technical difficulties, we totally didn’t forget to have something for the Skulls event’ stuff, Krieg, Chem Dog, and Rogue Trader cosmetics taking ‘extra effort’, the origins of the Vanguard Pack…

EDIT: Heck, let’s go back further:

‘We wanted to reduce randomization so we made the item acquisition totally random’

‘Our choice of one of three talents every 5 levels is completely original and totally different from V2’s’

‘The lasgun will have a wide variety of options like scopes and barrels’

Etc etc etc


Let’s not forget the biggest lie of all - that they were launching a finished game which had a whole laundry list of features and improvements over VT2. None of which existed for 8-10 months after release.


Yeah I guess none of this surprises me. Like I mentioned in the crafting memorial, these days the value of truth is only ever lesser than or equal to the value of material/monetary gain. I still really don’t understand this short term mode of thinking. It’s not as if people won’t eventually grow tired of your shadiness. Just look at what Creative Assembly has been going through for the past few months, just to name one of a countless list of potential examples. Honesty and integrity does more to earn you a loyal customer base than whatever you want to call this type of behavior and it will always come back to bite you in the end, it’s only a matter of time.

Whilst they’re not perfect, the only major/large game dev out there that consistently displays levels of genuine transparency leagues beyond their peers that I know of is Cloud Imperium Games (Star Citizen/Squadron 42). I know people love to meme the incredibly long development time amongst other things, but they’ve developed a model for communicating their development and goals that I think other game studios could and should learn from. For the past 9 years that I’ve been following it, they’ve released at least 1, usually 2, weekly video(s), 2 monthly reports (1 for each game) and have developers that are free to speak openly about their work all over their forums and actually do so. If they’d have something to hide, this wouldn’t be the case.

Now, with all that in mind, it’s hard to justify the approach Fatshark is taking here. If being transparent were to make you look bad, it’s time to reevaluate yourself, not to double down on your shortcomings.

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Even worse, since the hotfix for premium cosmetics I can’t play anymore. Constantly getting booted to character selection with Error 2014 or others.

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It’s just capitalism in action. Every executive is under pressure to post higher stock prices quarter by quarter, and expenditure of money to earn more money is utterly alien to such an environment. Investing is no longer really a thing.

And clear and open communication is just…not profitable. Or rather, it doesn’t show an immediate causative increase in profit. So it, like QA departments, like better management, like playtesting…it all gets eroded by the dictates from on high that profit get increased quarter by quarter.

CA is in fact an excellent example of this: they bled themselves dry of talent slowly due to not wanting to invest enough to overcome their deficiencies or improve their product, and got complacent with the Warhammer titles propping them up, until suddenly the bubble popped and people got sick of their nonsense.

Honesty and integrity do earn you a better following and potentially more reliable profits in the long run…but capitalism never concerns itself with the long run, only next quarter. Everything erodes under that pressure, no matter how long it takes.

The only ways to avoid that are to be entirely funded by donations/crowdfunding, or to be developing a game as a hobby/side project.

But re-evaluating yourself and thinking you might be wrong is difficult.


Or for that matter, that Darktide was supposed to be designed in a way to allow for quicker content drops :grin:

A hint Fatshark: no one wants you to work for a souless company which works you to the bone, but so far style of your development suggests that “rumours”, about your flat company structure, lack of managerial supervision and direction, are true.


Truly these are our darkest hours.

Where is the God-Emperor when you need him? I’ll take a global totalitarian regime under one superhuman man over this nonsensical indulgence centered world at this point.

But yes, all that I am aware of to varying degrees. I do wonder why game studios open the door to these types though. Many who start out independent sign on with publishers for a bunch of conventionally “wise” reasons then ultimately end up in that same hopeless position. Isn’t it time for conventional wisdom to be that you stay independent and relevant on the merits of your product and appreciation of your fans?

I don’t know, it all just baffles me. We’re all going to die at some point. What we remember moments before that happens are the choices we’ve made. If we’re lucky, some of our choices get to echo through time in a positive way. Why spend your life being like this? It’s completely hollow.

Ugh my brain

No choice. You need investment money, game development is a slow process with high running costs, you’re going to need a lot of cash so it’s either get independent wealth or have someone who can absorb the running costs in exchange for a big payout cash in.

Game design and development, especially with modern technology, is hardly cheap. While some games do exist purely independently, they’re usually not exactly high-graphics AAA experiences, and they tend to have incredibly long development cycles.

The platonic ideal of this is probably Starsector, which has been in development for over a decade, is technically a fully functional game, and is just 2d graphics, dialog boxes, and an economic sim. Cyberpunk it ain’t.

Fans can appreciate all they like. They don’t make the big bucks, though. Or even the medium bucks.

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Makes sense I suppose.

I don’t know, I guess this whole thing is above both my knowledge and interest levels. But it makes me feel the same way I feel when I have a period of delving into world politics. I just feel grossed out and appalled with both the choices people make and the systems people are forced to operate within.

For human beings, we sure are good at being anti-human.

The system is not humanity - it was constructed by humans, and it can be unmade by humans.

Things often seem inescapable, all-encompassing, all-powerful. But so did the divine right of kings, once, and where is that theory now?

Consigned to the dustbin of history, where it belongs.

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Amen, brother.

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