Hotfix #4 (1.0.21)


Here are the patch notes for Hotfix 1.0.21 released moments ago on Steam and Microsoft Store, including a revert of the VFX for the Forcestaff.

Hotfix 1.0.21

Stability & Performance

  • Added AMD Raytracing support in the launcher settings.
  • The launcher should now auto-detect high-performance GPUs on laptops by default.
  • Added connection time-out to prevent infinite loops when resetting settings.
  • Fixed some crashes that could occur on some users when booting up the launcher.
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when browsing through store items.
  • Resolved a crash that could occur in rare circumstances while using the tagging system.
  • Fixed other various, unspecifiable crashes and bugs.


  • Fixed localization issues on some cosmetics.


  • Removed player outlines as they weren’t functioning as intended. They will make a return in the future.
  • Added ability to reset keybindings when the game starts.


  • Fixed a bug where there was a delay between push action and regular attacks on the Achlys Mk I Power Maul.
  • Scriptures and Grimoires are now available in Comms-Plex 154/2f.
  • Fixed an issue in the Psykhanium where slow motion remained active.


  • Reverted Forcestaff VFX to an earlier version.

Will there be another patch this week before the end of year’s break ?


Is this it or will there be an actual update before christmas?


I get why you guys turned off the VFX for the Surg Staff, but I’d prefer a toggle. Cause I personally do not have seizure issues and I liked the effects.

Other than that, anything that adds stability and optimization is a thumbs up for me!


Sorely disappointing update.


Yeah, asked for that multiple times but we can’t have nice things apparently.


No content…fantastic. Not even the store reroll. Bravo…


A toggle wouldn’t work here, because it shows for all players, not just the user.
I’m not photosensitive, but the blur effects gave me motion sickness (even with blur toggled off)
Meant I couldn’t use the staff, or stand close to another psyker who was using it

It’s better (for devs and players) if it’s a consistent experience across all players, and then not having to create 2 sets of VFX for a load of stuff.
It’s why they eventually changed the Vermintide 2 PC UI to match the console UI, so they werent having to double the amount of work done


No fix for quell bug? Psyker needs it bad


They still haven’t fixed the pesky subtitle resetting everytime? This really annoying bug is still around since the pre-release beta!


A toggle would switch the effect of any staff used on the client that renders the effect.

they could perhaps keep the new effect but tuning down the intensity by 50%

because also voidstrike it does emit flashes but due to the fact it’s tuned down, it’s not a problem

therefore i suppose they reverted just as emergence, and that in the future they might improve it to make it more realistic.

it would be cool to make it similar to how is the voidstrike one

I’m very sad that we still don’t get the last half of the crafting system. I assume it will come in January.

Not getting a core feature of a game as it is released is not great already, but having to wait for weeks before it finally comes in just feels terrible

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4008 errors 40% of the time you try to connect to anything are still here though.
Wait 2/2 4008 …
Eh, only took 1 minute 20 sec for entering the hall the third time.

The game still wont close properly and forces me to restart steam every time i crash or just close the game normally.

also i didn’t notice problems with player outlines.

just the fact sometimes it doesn’t affect players in the hub because of players using the shop, or that sometimes special enemies had more a brighter ping outline which was actually way more better than the default dark red ping outline.

It’s a hotfix, to address pressing issues, not an update.
You all need to simmer down with the expectations, you can’t just magic content out in 4 working days, get real.
The number one priority is that what is already there actually works for everyone, after that they can start grinding out balancing and content patches.


So it’s probably 10 or 11days before 2022 end, is there going to be full access to crafting this year as promise FS made?

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true for many, I am sure Psyker mains will love it though :slight_smile:

Thanks for reverting the VFX change. No rush to get the new VFX out without testing it.