Hotfix #32

Devoted Rejects,

Here are the notes for Hotfix #32 which just went live on Steam and will be out shortly on our other platforms!

  • Fixed a crash which could happen when reaching the mid-event in the Warren 6-19 mission if the “Mostly ranged Enemies” Maelstrom modifier was active.
  • Fixed an issue where the crash reporter was assigning the wrong category to crashes.

Oh, rip.


Despite the disappointment about the really slow (non existent) stream of content, it is good to see that atleast something happens… Am I right?


I wonder if this includes a Lucky Bullet fix? I kinda hope not, it’s pretty hilarious.

Not the hotfixes we were looking for. Are you working on the proper bugs we’re complaining about?


Any update on the gunner knockback only being fixed in psykanium?


In that case if they fixed it just imagine the fing conversation between the employees…

Dev1: We done our next hotfix but a bit thin… just 3 point long
Dev2: Is it including the lucky bullet fix ?
Dev1: Yes
Dev2: Then dont list it…
Dev1: But the what we just announced 2 fix ?
Dev2: Y E S

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As they are acknowledged in the bugs section we are looking at them at the moment! We pushed out this fix as it was for a couple of high priority issues, but we have another hotfix planned which will target some of the other issues that arose after Patch #17.


Position in Queue: 1

What now? I’m queueing to hit the Psych Mod character screen?!
Must have been a real rush of returning players. Can’t wait!

Would love a fix on the issue of Fatshark not acknowledging Solo w/ Bots was a planned feature.


If they keep this pace up I’ll accept ‘less’ in terms of individual hotfixes. Glad to hear more is being worked on.

Thx! Just to note tho, the “can’t chat” bug is back. :frowning_face:

Release a Patch that adds almost nothing to the game with tons of other fixes that now cause other issues, that force issuing another hot fix with more hot fixes to fix the issue from the released patch. I swear this is Monthy Python levels of reality.

That being said. Well… It’s not nothing. At least you akcnowledge that there are issues and something is being done. It is the absolute bare minimum, but not nothing…

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4 days will be 2 months since last content drop (The Traitor Curse Part 2)

2.9gb just for this???

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I suppose I should be glad that it isn’t any fixes for macrotransaction skins.

Small hotfix but considering that this:

Is probably very important to fix quickly I understand why this hotfix came out quickly.

Ambience mob spawns seem to be broken @FatsharkCatfish @FatsharkLev

Hey if you have any logs or evidence of this happening can you add it to the forums or a ticket? There is an existing post of it here: