Hot off the press: News update!

Mind blown level: Cadia

I do hope that they finally implement an official in-game scoreboard…
My scoreboard mods are buggy as kark.


I don’t know who that is, inform me?

I, for one, am offended at the thought that people are changing their character designs. This scoreboard is toxic and the devs should be ashamed.

Dude who makes vids/streams Darktide and Helldivers. Very cool n chill dude.
A dude’s dude, dude.

So glad I don’t have to be PoopyMcSweatbuns any more! Still enjoying my VoC “F’Cadiaaaaa” though :slight_smile:

I would like to have more angry psyker voice. What we have now is: superrational guy, schizobipolar guy and egoist guy.

I would like to listen guy who actively hate zealots and make jokes of them. Very dark jokes.

a lot of people don’t seem to like the cutthroat and/or cadia background but i changed my vet to the cutthroat from cadia as soon as the update hit lol although, i kind of wanna change it from cadia now because i want the krieg voiceline.

he sounds so awesome when you use your ult or idk when exactly he starts yelling or what triggers it but it’s so good. before, whenever i’d hear someone else’s cutthroat vet, i always regretted not picking the cutthroat from the beginning. he sounds so intense, which is what i like when i’m mowing down heretics lol

also, whoever the voice actor is for that archetype deserves a raise because it’s head and shoulders above every other one in the game, imo.


Exactly why i like him.

Btw, what is the “krieg voiceline?”

And Zoya the Destroya


Loved the darker side of the Vermintide dialogue. Antagonism amongst the protaganists… not just Barad Varr handshakes all day (or is that a bad thing idk)!

I oughta make a tier-list, but I refuse to believe that “angry german man” is somehow poorer voice acting than Angry Cadian. I mean. It’s an angry german man. Plus he says “Ammo :)” and I think that’s funny.

i’m actually really confused about that now because i went to change my character background but apparently you can only use the cutthroat if your character’s from cadia.

anyways, idk if i’m hearing it wrong, but in the link i posted it sounds like the cutthroat says “for krieg” but it doesn’t make sense since cadia isn’t krieg and you can’t have the archetype without being from there… anyways, it’s the first line of dialogue when it switches to the cutthroat.

its ‘for Creed’

Either a reference to Ursarkar E. Creed (he was in charge when Cadia fell may he RIP) or a generic for the boyz. Given his Cadia shtick I assume the former.


I actually haven’t looked up the lore, was Creed actually killed on Cadia or did he escape? From what I remembered reading a lot of the imperial heroes from there were either off world or escaped last minute.

If you would believe Xenos propaganda he’s part of Trayzn the Infinite’s museum of important persons. I prefer to believe he died defending Cadia.


oh, well that’s good to know. i guess i don’t have to wonder about it anymore lol

Believe what you want, but Trazyn the Silly Little Guy’s collection continues to grow!

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