Hordes and weaves of specialists not spawning in malestorm mission

second time in a row in a week that in this mission i only get to fight roamers untill the final event

at this point in a C I VI we are expected to have near millions of damage dealt, but this is not the case, hordes weren’t spawning, also very low number of specialists


it happened again on a different malestorm but always the same map 3 days ago


a third time it happened in consignment yard the 16th of november


we finished a C-I-VI in 28 minutes, that was way too easy

Since the 1.2.10 patch update, the difficulty of the entire game has increased

The interval between enemy refreshes feels like it’s reduced by 25%. Previously, with normal N5 difficulty, the number of team kills was only around 1800, but now there are at least 2200

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