Hookrats and Hordes

Thats because they count as “monsters” shotguns do reduced damage to monster types.




Would be interesting to see what it would be like if hook rats were way easier to stagger/kill but there were more of them

Leeches are easier, and packmasters can endure much more punishment while moving through mobs.
Just today I got yanked by a silent pakckmaster through a horde

i lost around for my team on champion because of it but i blame myself. we shouldnt have big signs that say ‘attack here’ the game does enough already

I agree but compared to V1 it’s definitely harder to spot them here. They also seem more prone to hooking through the wall at corners. I’m always spamming T into a horde, just in case, which is something I never did in V1. Some of it could be due to the fact V1 had less enemy variety, so when you saw anything SV height that wasn’t a SV you knew it was a packrat.

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Yup, but in this the ‘height’ of pack masters has been reduced, they stand as tall as standard skaven but have a thing they wear that stands taller, but if your fighting a horde in melee, that looks rather similar to some of the ‘spear’ weapons horde enemies carry fairly often

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Oh yeah… I always forget they’re monster type.

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2 Options to counter hooks in hordes one is easy and the other one is hard.

The first one is: Cry out for nerf until they are nerfed.
The second one is: Git gud.

I leave it up to you to discover which is what.


Well, I can’t agree with your “git gut” argument. Sometimes AI director spawns hyperdense chaos hordes, and you can’t see hookrat spawning inside this horde, coz chaos creeps has bigger model than hookrat, often you can’t hear them coz chaos tresh likes to roar non stop, and I can’t rely on character’s voicelines, coz sometimes we have multiple specials spawning nearly at the same time, so some calls went missing.

I can’t say that it happens too often, but when it happens it feels realy frustrating.

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They aren’t strong beucase of their attack pattern as all enemies have a very straightforward pattern, but because they have very high stats.

Hookrats have more hp than most enemies an any other special.
Hookrats take reduced damage from most weapons, specially ranged weapons. The most dangerous special in melee range is actually the most resistant to ranged damage. This is counter-intuitive and terrible when that point-blank blunderbuss shot does nothing to stop them.
Hookrats are very resistant to stagger. Very. Likely more than CW.
Hookrats are faster than other “resistant” specials and elites.

They are also sometimes unpredictable. They most often go for a target and try grabbing asap, but sometimes they seem to be just “roaming” towards a player, they will walk past their maximum range and snap while much closer. This makes the grab harder to predict since the player is “baited” into dodging at the usual position, just to be grabbed as the Packmaster walks past.
And also, hooking through walls, props, ledges, w/e Packmaster doesn’t care.

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If you wanna achieve high level play, you better learn to push the ping key through hordes on a steady rythm.

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Wouldn’ it be better to just make them stand out, instead of promoting this kind of gameplay?

Perhaps yes.
I’m just talking about using the tools fatshark gave us to overcome such nasty surprises.

Yeah, I do. I don’t have a problem with them I’m just saying it’s stupid that you have to do that. Most games with a ping feature don’t let you just spam it indiscriminately.

Have you ever played any Battlefield game though? :smile:

That’s what I’m referencing primarily. Spamming ping revokes your ping privileges entirely for a fairly obnoxious amount of time.

There’s no way to keep us from pinging things we can’t actually, physically see but it shouldn’t be a viable tactic to abuse the ping function so we can do it all the time. We can technically just run a macro to press T non-stop as is.

Then just do it!

Feels like cheating enough when I spam t manually if somethings too dense to see/hear through haha

hookrats really need to be updated, right now there is close to no counterplay to hookrats in waves or patrols, ruining the fun of playing melee. Thats why there are like 3 ranged heroes in a team right now and a single meatshield in the front getting all the hooks.

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