Hookrat dragged someone out of bounds

Hunger in the Dark

I unfortunately didn’t get his POV, but a hookrat dragged my friend up the incline in this area shown in the gif, and a Bestigor charged at him while he was high up the slope. The two things together ended up pushing him out of bounds. I’m not sure if he would’ve been able to come back down if there’s a ceiling there, but figured it was worth showing

This is some footage leading up to him being stuck: it looks like the Hookrat pulled him up, past some barrier and he couldn’t get back down. The Bestigor charge (not shown) likely pushed him up to the platform higher up

See example here…
I actually had this happen a few times but only recorded one, once I was able to break free from a bot ult and I wandered around a bit, I was able to move freely outside the boundaries.

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