"Hold to sprint" input bugs

I’ve run into some input bugs when having the “hold to sprint” option enabled and trying to perform certain attacks while holding the sprinting key.

1.- If you hold sprint and try to chain push-attacks, you’ll only get the push and not the follow-up attack. It’s not 100% consistent though; sometimes the first push-attack does come out but if you attempt to chain them you can’t.

2.- If you try to spam light attacks while running, you only get the first attack of the chain (this one is more consistent, but again, once in a while the second light does happen).

3.- If you want to chain light attacks but wait a bit after the first one (as opposed to the 2nd bug, where you just spam LMB), you get nothing.

I think these are related to the fact that you can’t really sprint while attacking (weird design choice in my opinion) and the “hold to sprint” option. These don’t happen as often (if at all) with the sprint on toggle.

Here’s a video showing each bug in order: