Higher Difficulty & Public Groups

I have often read posts about how random players in public groups suck at the game. As someone who plays most of the time in random groups I found this to be inaccurate. The main reason for failing a mission is most of the time bad positioning and communication.
In prospect of the coming higher difficulty, I think many public groups will be overburdened with it, as they are often enough with legend at this point.
Therefore, it would be good to add some (optional - for the purists) mechanisms to improve communication. One thing could be to add waypoints not as mod, but as official mechanic. Another possibility could be to make the chatwheel customizable. Both combined would help to not only point something out, but also to indicate your intentions or findings better. The command “Come Here” could also automatically add a waypoint to show the user position. Maybe there are better mechanics for that, but this should be a thought-provoking impulse for the developers regarding the upcoming new difficulty.
I know, that some players don’t like the suggested extra input, therefore something like this could only work as an optional mechanic. For all those, that now say, the players should just use their mic, not everyone has one, not everyone is in a situation to use it and someone who played public a lot, knows, that players rarely use their mic.

Another point to help the players would be the option to edit the name of a match, to indicate certain intentions of the host. Deed matchmaking has often been asked for too.

And at last a more or less personal request: I joined the official discord server and another wíth quite a number of members. The latter is nearly completely dead for some time and the official one is sometimes a bit chaotic. It would be really helpful to include a new section in this forum for LFG requests. Not everyone playing public does it by choice, some just don’t have a regular group to play with. A subsection would give a better overview and with an expiration date of posts, would be hopefully not too chaotic.


I’m simply gonna add this here, cause I don’t have time for a full answer, will edit later :

Discord Rich Presence needs to happen please <3 I really find the whole system cool, and, while I’m not game developper and I only speak without knowing, I assume it isn’t extremely hard to put together (seeing how Discord presented it on their site).

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A good thing but:
I’d like them to use actual in game call outs as this would make them even better at communication.
Also adding the option to bind the lines to keys would be neat too.

Also finally adding the ability to see who’s speaking would be nice.

making the chat wheel actually speak would be good as long as their was a cooldown.

I almost exclusively play PUG’s at Champ + and I have to say it’s often the case that I’ll find someone who is holding their own and simply follow them around to ensure two people stay together who know what they’re doing. You can usually tell during the first encounter who’s any good and it’s an unspoken agreement and decision on my part to find one player to stick with. They probably don’t even know I’m doing it and the likelyhood of getting 4 people who are a good team is pretty slim.

A LOT of wipes are cause by recklessly attempting to rescue someone who has done something stupid. If they’re on their own getting pummeled on the floor because they yolo’d into a patrol or went for a tome/grim on their own then don’t even bother. You realistically only need 2 players who are any good to complete legend runs in spite of others doing daft things, so if the two stay together then it’s usually ok. If someone goes and tries to get the 1st grim on Braksenbruke on their own and get’s jumped or hooked then that’s their problem - breaking off your fighting to attempt a rescue is often foolhardy.

The chat wheel only needs “Art Here!” and “Got Key” really. Everything else can be covered with what’s there.

I think FS Discord used to have LFG but for me at least, the discord is now only for announcements and some bug stuff? All chat has gone.


Thats true, I’ve seen it a lot as well. A solution could be to implement a waypoint system combined with triggered voice lines and or chat messages, to indicate intentions like “Defend there”, “Wait there”, etc.
The usual “Come Here!” just doesn’t seem sufficient enough, you have to check who said it, then you have to check where the player is located and finally you have to guess what his intentions were, as this gets used frequently, since the chatwheel introduction, for pretty much anything.

I’d like something more visual than the chat, most of the times I’m not reading it/noticing it

You might’ve missed that you need to specifically read the guidelines/rules for the Discord and agree to them in a specific way to get the rest open. See the Welcome and Rules channel for more info, and PM Hedge if you have more trouble. LFG is still there, as are all the more general conversation channels (with more-or-less regular conversation).

To add to the actual topic, yeah, a few customiseable options in the chat wheel could change communication for the better, as could voicelines for at least a few of the wheel’s lines (though that’s unlikely to come, as someone stated in stream that the chat wheel is for player communication, not the characters).

It does exist as a mod, but it’s on the “applied” list for now. Go upvote it in Steam to make it more likely to get reviewed in the next batch.

This has been a common request for a long time, and as far as I’ve understood it, it’s hard to implement, at least reliably and non-intrusively. The VT voice chat depends on Steam’s service for that, and that may be a part of it. I guess there could be some hacks done to get some utility for it, but it’d be quite unreliable.

The “Notice Key Pickup” mod does this on PC. Well, not an announcement of art exactly, but a chat announcement when people pick up the key, Ravaged Art and other such significant but unnoticeable things.

Yeah, but it requires to be installed both by you and the person who is picking up the key in order for you to get the announcement, right?

No. If you have it, you always see what everyone else does.

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