High overall latency


I’d like to point out that since 2.0 I have much higher latency as client. I have quite a high end PC, nice optical fiber with 5-8ms ping to “standard internet servers” (ISP, google and facebook for example) and before the update I never noticed this issue.

What bugger me most is when I play with my roomate as host and I still get 50-60ms latency. I distinctly remember this was not the case some months ago, as we had latency around 5 to 10ms and I joked about that to a friend having “horrible latency which went up to 15ms as he lived 500m from us”

So, how do you explain that drastic change ?

DxDiag.txt (81.9 KB)

Could you please ensure your ‘Download Region’ in Steam is set appropriately to a nearby location?

I’m halfway between 2 locations, I tried switching from the one I had to the other, but no visible change.

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