High level loot feels like work instead of rewards

Once you get all orange 300 power gear and decent rolls on them, grinding for reds just feels like work. Because:
You get 3 items every successful run (maybe 3 more with commendation, or even 3-6 more with deeds on top of that) , and a lot of them are below 300 power, or they are green/blue/your 50th Beardling’s Drakegun illusion.
You can only salvage 9 items at a time and it takes a while and many clicks, and also having to inspect to make sure you aren’t accidentally deleting a decent illusion or deleting one of the weapons or accessory you want to keep for a different class.
Combine this with the fact that you have to repeatedly throw hundreds of chests in the trash before you’ll get a red you can actually use, and you really have no use anymore for the scrap you get, but you have to delete all this stuff so that you’ll be able to find the gear you want to equip without sorting through pages of trash, it really becomes a chore.

The loot during the leveling experience was great I think and it was nice to try out different weapons because the one i just got was higher lvl than the one I’ve been using and I don’t have spare scrap to craft it yet. But now it is more disappointing than rewarding to even open a chest because I’m expecting such a miniscule chance at something I can use, and opening chests necessitates all this additional work deleting the trash to keep my inventory clear.

Loot now is sadly the most disappointing aspect of the game.
Fatshark, if you have plans to give us something to do with all these materials, or plan to change the drop system it would be nice for you to let us know because I need some sort of reason to keep opening chests. Restricting the low drop rate to Emperor Vault would be more reasonable if some levels like Halescourge were not significantly more difficult to complete than others, and if there was a way to guarantee Emperor from a perfect playthrough, but even with all tomes grims loot die and quickplay you can still not get an Emperor vault from legend.

I have played V2 now for over half the time I spent on V1. In V1 I have 14 Reds, and I think 6 of those were from bounty board. In V2 I have 1 red (no hats or skins) with half the time played, and that red is an accessory not a weapon so I can’t even show it off to other players. The extreme scarcity isn’t going to keep me playing once I level up my last two characters. Some Legend deeds and mods might keep me playing, but not your reward system.

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