Hey fatshark, revives don't work

Look away while reviving: revive cancels
Mutant falls 10m away: canceled revive
Enemy shoots at you: revive canceled

Three clutches a game, 3 revives failed at 95% because of things that really shouldn’t.
And this happens.
All. The. Time.

Revive works…
You should have been hit by something while trying to revive and you had no more stamina


Literal skill issue.


Turning a full 360 can cancel the revive. Maybe try posting this in bugs

I just figured this was intentional design, annoying but intentional.

Yes, getting shot cancels the revive.

Revives seem to be affected by lag. You can fill the revive bar and walk away, only to turn back to see the person still on the ground.

Same thing for dropping medkits/ammo and lifting people up from ledges.


every time you interact with something you cancel it by turning too fast or too wide, its consistent, annoying but consistent

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I think the thing that makes this annoying is it was never an issue in Vermintide

This is my main issue here too. When the “progress bar” is lying or doesn’t show for whatever reason. It has caused me to restart a ridiculous amount of revives.